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Higher Degree by Research Policy

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HDR Admissions Policy

This policy provides information about the admission requirements to HDR courses. This policy is designed to assist in the identification of applicants who have a reasonable likelihood of success in studies at the University and to ensure that any applicant admitted to the University has sufficient knowledge of the English language to undertake studies.

HDR Admissions Policy (pdf and rtf available)

HDR Enrolment and Changes to Candidature Policy

This policy sets out the principles and procedures for enrolment and changes to candidature within a higher degree by research (HDR) course.  Changes to candidature include change in attendance status, intermission, changes to the supervisory panel, course transfers and upgrades, extensions and withdrawal from the course.

HDR Enrolment and Changes to Candidature Policy (pdf and rtf available)

HDR Progress and Milestones Policy

This document outlines the University's policy to support academic progress of Higher Degree by Research candidates by monitoring their progress and completion of mandatory milestones, and identify candidates who are at risk of not making satisfactory progress in their course.

The policy details the mandatory milestones for HDR candidates, as well as the Progress Support Strategy for HDR candidates who may be at risk of not progressing as expected (and Academic Probation as a possible result of non-progress), and is supported by the HDR Progress and Milestones Procedures, and workflows for Progress Support Strategy and Academic Probation.

HDR Progress and Milestones Policy (pdf and rtf available)

HDR Infrastructure Support Policy

This policy outlines the University's minimum requirements with regard to the provision of physical and financial resources for HDR studies at the level of the Faculty or UC Research Centre (UCRC).  This infrastructure includes physical facilities, funding available for project work and participation in the research culture.  The two schedules that accompany this policy provide guidelines to assist Faculties and URCs in the provision of the minimum requirements of the policy proper.

Infrastructure Support for HDR Candidates Policy (pdf and rtf available)

HDR Examinations Policy

To complete a HDR course, all students are required to submit a thesis for external examination, with the final outcome determined by the University.  This policy outlines the thesis submission requirements, conditions for examination, course completion requirements and the granting and conferral of awards for HDR courses

HDR Examination Policy (pdf and rtf available)

Guidelines for submission of a thesis including publications (pdf and rtf available)

HDR Code of Practice

The task of ensuring that research training is conducted in the most efficient and effective manner is shared by both University staff and HDR candidates. The University; its staff; and its research students all have legitimate expectations of each other. The Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Code of Practice sets out responsibilities of the University, the Faculties and UC Research Centres (UCRCs), supervisors and students. 

HDR Code of Practice (pdf and rtf available)

HDR Generic Skills and Attributes Statement

In addition to meeting the academic requirements for the relevant degree, graduates are expected to acquire a range of generic skills and attributes through their program.  This document lists the skills and attributes that the University expects all of its graduates in higher degree by research (HDR) to have developed.

HDR Generic Skills and Attributes Statement (pdf and rtf available)

HDR Scholarships Policy

This policy provides a framework for the establishment, award and management of higher degree by research (HDR) scholarships.

HDR Scholarships Policy (pdf available)

Note: From 1 January 2017 the APA and IPRS have been replaced by the Research Training Program (RTP) scholarships. For RTP stipend scholarships awarded for 2017, the scholarship conditions of award remain the same as the APA scholarship conditions of award. From 2018 the following conditions of award apply:

HDR Supervision Policy

This policy outlines requirements with regard to the supervision of students enrolled in Higher Degree by Research (HDR) courses.  It is designed to assist in the establishment of supervisory panels to ensure all HDR students receive high quality supervision during the candidature of their degree.

Supervision of HDR Candidates Policy (pdf and rtf available)

Guidelines for Supervisors

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PhD by (Prior) Publication

Entry to this course is open to UC staff only. Information on the application process, application form and PhD by Prior Publication policy can be found in the University of Canberra policy database (staff login required).

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