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The Canberra Award

The Canberra Award is co-curricula Award Program aimed at enhancing your career prospects. It acknowledges your professional development over your University career. The Canberra Award, run by Careers UC, is a voluntary co-curricular Award Program.

To receive the Canberra Award certificate at graduation, you must complete a number of activities with a minimum number of hours.

Activities include:

  • Elective Short Courses / Workshops
  • Volunteer work
  • Paid work or unpaid internships

In addition, you must submit the following documents after completion of the activities above:

  • A resume
  • Your academic transcript
  • A reflection detailing how you believe your Canberra Award activities have contributed to your employability

For further details, register for the Canberra Award - registering does not commit you to completing the Award.

Please contact the Canberra Award Team in Careers UC to find out more.

IMPORTANT: once you have completed all elements of the Canberra Award, you must contact the Canberra Award team once you have accepted your graduation ceremony invitation, otherwise, your name may not be added to the graduation booklet as a Canberra Award recipient, and you may not be handed your Canberra Award certificate at the ceremony. 

Confirm by 1 February for graduation ceremonies in April.
Confirm by 1 August for graduation ceremonies in September.