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The Canberra Award

The Canberra Award is co-curricula Award Program aimed at enhancing your career prospects. It acknowledges your professional development over your University career. The Canberra Award, run by Careers UC, is a voluntary co-curricular Award Program.

To receive the Canberra Award certificate at graduation, you must complete a number of activities with a minimum number of hours.

Activities include:

  • Elective Short Courses / Workshops
  • Volunteer work
  • Paid work or unpaid internships

In addition, you must submit the following documents after completion of the activities above:

  • A resume
  • Your academic transcript
  • A reflection detailing how you believe your Canberra Award activities have contributed to your employability

For further details, register for the Canberra Award - registering does not commit you to completing the Award.

Please contact the Canberra Award Team in Careers UC to find out more.