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Come & See Us

If you have a Careers question, come to the Careers UC office for an initial chat when it suits you! We're in 1C42 (above the Refec). We also hold short appointments every day and offer a range of workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year (see CareerHub events for the current workshop listing).

We hold short appointments every day, where you'll be able to speak with a Careers UC staff member to discuss your questions. In addition, you might want to come to a Resume doctor workshop, which we offer twice a week:

Short appointments schedule Aug 2018

Short appointments are 10-15 minute in duration - no appointment necessary!

You may want to discuss a wide range of Careers topics with us, such as:

  • General careers advice/ direction
  • Resume checks
  • Student employment on campus
  • General Work Integrated Learning enquiries
  • Paid/ Unpaid internship advice
  • Graduate employment advice
  • What type of work will suit my abilities?
  • Is the course I'm currently undertaking right for me?
  • What are my career options for the degree I'm currently studying?
  • What can I do now to develop my career prospects?
  • How can I enhance my job search? Where should I be looking?
  • How can I better present myself to employers?
  • Is it important that I disclose any disabilities or medical conditions I may have to an employer?
  • How can I further develop the skills I currently possess?
  • Where can I look for volunteering opportunities?
  • How can I gain some valuable work experience relevant to my degree?

Please note: Careers UC doesn't provide course advice. Careers UC can discuss what majors fit into a future career direction and Student Central can speak to you about course progress and which units you can take for the coming semester or the rest of your degree.

If you have a number of questions, or need some additional career or work integrated learning support, Careers UC staff is able to book a longer appointment for you. However, come to the Careers UC office (1C42) or drop-in for a short appointment first because some of your questions could be answered on the spot.

Longer appointments go for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Students who cannot attend appointments on the University's Bruce campus have the option to speak with an adviser through a phone or Skype appointment. To do this, please contact Careers UC for a WIL Officer or a Careers Adviser to call or Skype you.

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