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Employer Connect 2019

Start here... go anywhere with Employer Connect 2019

Employer Connect is YOUR opportunity to network with international and domestic employers and connect with an opportunity in your chosen industry or field. Gain valuable contacts, ideas, internship and job leads.

Employer Connect will be held on Thursday 7 March 2019, 11am - 2pm

Even though some organisations want students and graduates from specific discipline areas, many consider students from a range of backgrounds and place more emphasis on skills. In other words, there may be opportunities for you with employers that you might not initially think of. Consider, for example, that a Design student may have developed unique problem-solving skills through studies and work, and that this can give them an edge over other candidates in a business context. Similarly, an employer may be interested in meeting Science students, who have developed a solid methodical approach when taking on challenges. A PR student may find a good fit in the Marketing stream of a professional services firm that emphasises strong analytical abilities and communication skills to manage accounts or products and linking internal and external agents.

So, consider the transferability of your skills and experience!

If you're not sure what employers look for, do some research into the organisations that will be present at Employer Connect, and have a chat with their representatives.

Employers wishing to register for Employer Connect 2019, please contact the Careers team.

2019 Exhibiting Employers

Belconnen Community Service
National Folk Festival
Volunteering and Contact ACT
Goodwin Aged Care Services
IPAR Rehabilitation
IRT Group
Rehabilitation Specialists
Viva Leisure & The Club group
Accor Hotels
Adecco Group
Agis group
Bonsella Chartered Accountants
Equity Partners
Evans Dixon
Fair Work Ombudsman
Icon Group
ANZUK Education Services
ACT Education and Training Directorate
Big Improvements tutoring
Engineers Australia
JET Programme
NSW Department of Education - Teach NSW
Queensland Department of Education
Randstad Education
Australian Institute for Health and Welfare
Clean Energy Regulator
Department of Defence
Digital Transformation Agency
Kinetic IT
RXP Services
TSS Cyber