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Learning (7127.3)

Level: Level 2 - Undergraduate Intermediate Unit
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands: 1
Faculty: Faculty of Health
Discipline: Discipline of Psychology


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    • Semester 2, 2015, FLEXIBLE, BRUCE (140885) - View

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    The subject is devoted to developing an understanding of the theories of learning and behaviour change in humans and other animals. Specifically, it will address the theories and application of classical (Pavlovian) conditioning, operant or instrumental conditioning and learning by observation. In addition, the subject will include review and analyses of higher forms of behaviour such as insightful problem solving, creativity and atypical or bizarre behaviours. The application of scientific method to questions about behaviour and behaviour change will be emphasized with consideration of the view of learning as an evolutionary and adaptive mechanism.

    Learning Outcomes


    1) Identify, describe and apply the basic principles underlying classical conditioning;

    (2) identify, describe and apply the basic principles underlying operant conditioning;

    (3) Understand, explain and apply the basic premise of observational or social learning; and

    (4) Apply commonly used behaviour-modification strategies to modify a target behaviour.

    Assessment Items

    Contact Hours

    Up to four hours per week.


    4309 Psychology 101 OR 11399 Understanding People and Behaviour AND
    4310 Psychology 102
    OR Permission of the unit convener



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