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Unit: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Practice 4 (Creative and Performing Arts) (8865)

Level: 4Credit Points: 3Contribution Band: 4, 1, 4, 4, 1
Faculty: Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Maths
Availability in 2012: Not offered (Also available in: 2013, 2014, 2015)

    Learning Outcomes

    On completion of this unit students will be able to:
    1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research into how students learn and the implications for teaching;
    2. demonstrate knowledge of teaching strategies that are responsive to the learning strengths and needs of students from diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Backgrounds;
    3. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of strategies for differentiating teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities;
    4. demonstrate an understanding of the rationale for and sources of continued professional learning;
    5. apply strategies for engaging with parents/carers, professional teaching networks and broader communities.

    Class Contact

    Up to 20 hours per semester plus Professional Experience.


    This unit provides a basis for professional decision-making in classroom practice in the nominated curriculum area teaching years 7-12. The focus of the minimum 15 days of supervised professional experience is to further develop teacher knowledge, skills and attitudes through immersion in the school setting.

    This unit may be co-taught with Secondary Teaching Studies G4 in the nominated teaching area.


    Enrolment in a Teaching course.


    Curriculum Pedagogy and Practice 2 unit orany Curriculum Pedagogy and Practice 3 unit or6908 Professional Experience SEC 3.

    Assumed knowledge: Minimum of 4 content units in the KLA being studied.

    Restrictions: This unit is not opent to students who have passed any other Curriculum Pedagogy and Practice 4 unit.

    Referenced Courses

    • 433AC Bachelor of Education in Secondary Teaching (Music)
    • 111JA Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts

    Unit Level Key:

    • 1 - Offered in first year of course curriculum
    • 2 - Offered in second year of course curriculum
    • 3 - Offered in third year of course curriculum
    • 4 - Offered in fourth year of course curriculum
    • 5 - Offered in fifth year of course curriculum
    • G - Offered in graduate course curriculums
    • PG - Offered in postgraduate course curriculums
    • R - Offered in research course curriculums
    • H - Offered in honours course curriculums

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