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Unit: Introduction to Forensic Psychology (8831)

Level: 2Credit Points: 3Contribution Band: 1
Faculty: Faculty of Health
Availability in 2012: (Also available in: 2013, 2014, 2015)

Class Contact

3 hours: 2 hours lecture, 1 hour tutorial.


4309 Psychology 101 OR 4310 Psychology 102 OR by permission of the unit convener.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit, students will be able to:
1. demonstrate an understanding of criminal offending and an understanding of the role of a forensic psychologist in relation to the investigation of crime and the assessment and treatment of offenders;
2. to think critically, to analyse and evaluate claims, evidence and arguments, and to reason and develop evidence clearly and logically;
3. to deploy critically evaluated information to practical ends.


Introduction to forensic psychology: 
Eyewitness memory
Offender profiling
Insanity, competence, and malingering
Expert testimony in the courtroom
Police Interrogation techniques
Prejudice, discrimination and hate crimes
Sexual harassment
Crime in sport
Miscarriages of justice.

Referenced Unit Sets

  • MJ0144 Major in Forensic Studies (Law)
  • MN0150 Minor in Forensic Science

Unit Level Key:

  • 1 - Offered in first year of course curriculum
  • 2 - Offered in second year of course curriculum
  • 3 - Offered in third year of course curriculum
  • 4 - Offered in fourth year of course curriculum
  • 5 - Offered in fifth year of course curriculum
  • G - Offered in graduate course curriculums
  • PG - Offered in postgraduate course curriculums
  • R - Offered in research course curriculums
  • H - Offered in honours course curriculums

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