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Unit: Advanced Japanese A (part B) (8431)

Level: 3Credit Points: 3Contribution Band: 1
Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Design
Availability in 2012: Not offered

There are currently no offerings for this unit.


This unit is designed to further extend students linguistic skills to the levels sufficient for work use.
Students will read unadapted written Japanese material on later half of the Japanese history and contemporary issues, and write and discuss in response to them with their peers and native Japanese speakers. Audio visual materials and internet sources will also be introduced. Students are expected to self-study kanji in the reading materials prior to the class.
The major assessment is a personal project. Students are required to complete a project in the area of their study other than Japanese, using their Japanese language skills to research. Students are required to present orally and write a project report in Japanese at the end of the project.

Class Contact

Two hours per week consisting of  lecture and 1 tutorial.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit students will have achieved an advanced level of competence in reading and writing Japanese. As well as more advanced linguistic skills, through this course, students will gain better cultural and social understanding of Japan; acquire basic knowledge in Japanese history; cultivate deeper understanding of modern Japan; develop the confidence and ability to read unadapted Japanese material; develop practical skills for searching necessary information using authentic sources such as Japanese websites; have practice in using their linguistic skills in professional contexts; develop skills for higher level self-study. In addition, students will have developed essential generic skills and attributes such as time management and self-motivated learning strategies including the ability to apply themselves to tasks consistently over extended periods of time.


Japanese 3 (part B) or equivalent competence in the language.

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