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Unit: Business Intelligence Systems PG (6680)

Level: PCredit Points: 3Contribution Band: 2
Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
Availability in 2012: Not offered (Also available in: 2013, 2014, 2015)


    In this unit, students learn how decision making in organisations can be supported by information systems such as decision support systems (DSS) and business intelligence systems (BIS) that draw their data and information from internal and external sources (databases, warehouses, exception alerts, intelligent agents, knowledge management systems, environment scanning etc). The tools, techniques and models for intelligence analysis and visualisation are examined in the unit with an emphasis on new and emerging technologies such as data mining and performance management. Students are also introduced to a range of research methods suitable for information systems professionals.


    It is expected that students have assumed knowledge of content in the following: Database Design G, Designing Human-Computer Interaction G and Systems Analysis and Modelling G, Information Systems in Organisations G and Professional Practice in IT G.

    Class Contact

    Up to 39 hours per semester.

    Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
    1. appreciate the principles and practices of decision support systems (DSS) and business intelligence systems (BIS);
    2. understand how computer-based information systems can support managerial decision making and problem solving in the contemporary business world;
    3. recognise the tools, technologies and models available to assist in managerial decision making;
    4. acquire a working knowledge of how BIS/DSS systems are constructed and how such systems are integrated into the organisational environment;
    5. research, plan and write a critical essay with a topic drawn from relevant industry and academic literature.

    Referenced Courses

    • 841AA Graduate Certificate in Business Informatics
    • 844AA Graduate Diploma in Business Informatics
    • 845AA Master of Business Informatics
    • 846AA Master of Information Technology
    • 973AA Master of Information Technology and Systems
    • 974AA Master of Information Technology in Mainframe Computing (Advanced)

    Unit Level Key:

    • 1 - Offered in first year of course curriculum
    • 2 - Offered in second year of course curriculum
    • 3 - Offered in third year of course curriculum
    • 4 - Offered in fourth year of course curriculum
    • 5 - Offered in fifth year of course curriculum
    • G - Offered in graduate course curriculums
    • PG - Offered in postgraduate course curriculums
    • R - Offered in research course curriculums
    • H - Offered in honours course curriculums

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