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Unit: Systems Project and Quality Management G (6678)

Level: GCredit Points: 3Contribution Band: 2
Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
Availability in 2012: Not offered (Also available in: 2013, 2014, 2015)

    Class Contact

    Up to 52 hours per semester.


    You should pass Systems Analysis and Modelling G before you enrol in Systems Project and Quality Management G or else you must take it as a co-requisite.

    Learning Outcomes

    At the successful completion of this unit students will be able to use and reflect upon current methods to produce information technology based systems on time, within budget and within a quality management framework. They will be able to prepare and evaluate the various documents associated with project planning, monitoring, review and quality assurance. They will be able to facilitate discussions between clients and IT professionals. Students will be able to analyse and discuss the social and ethical issues associated with project development.


    This unit examines the methods and issues in the management of informatics projects. It is based in standards for project management and quality assurance. Topics include techniques of project scope and success criteria, work breakdown analysis and monitoring, task estimating and scheduling; resource, risk and cost management and project closure and review. Interpersonal and group facilitation skills to focus IT and business teams on identifying and solving the right problem are addressed.  Technology that supports project and quality management is an integral part of the unit. Ethics and professional practice are examined with the social impacts of IT.


    Information Systems in Organisations G or Database Design G.
    Assumed knowledge: Professional Practice in IT G. Exclusion: You cannot take this unit as well as Software Engineering Practice G.

    Referenced Courses

    • 841AA Graduate Certificate in Business Informatics
    • 844AA Graduate Diploma in Business Informatics
    • 843AA Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
    • 845AA Master of Business Informatics
    • 846AA Master of Information Technology
    • 973AA Master of Information Technology and Systems
    • 900AA Master of Technology

    Unit Level Key:

    • 1 - Offered in first year of course curriculum
    • 2 - Offered in second year of course curriculum
    • 3 - Offered in third year of course curriculum
    • 4 - Offered in fourth year of course curriculum
    • 5 - Offered in fifth year of course curriculum
    • G - Offered in graduate course curriculums
    • PG - Offered in postgraduate course curriculums
    • R - Offered in research course curriculums
    • H - Offered in honours course curriculums

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