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Unit: Business Decision Models G (6550)

Level: GCredit Points: 3Contribution Band: 4, 2, 2, 2
Faculty: Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Maths
Availability in 2012: Not offered (Also available in: 2013)

    Class Contact

    Thirty nine hours of classes per semester.


    General Mathematics G and Introduction to Statistics G, or equivalent.

    Learning Outcomes

    Students will be expected to be able to recognise real-world scenarios which can be modelled by the techniques covered; to be able to implement these scenarios in a quantitative model; and to be able to interpret the results of the model and evaluate their reliability.


    This unit is an introduction to the modelling of management scenarios using spreadsheets and other software. It deals with the application of mathematical modelling techniques to management problems of realistic size. The emphasis is on formulation and interpretation of models. Topics will be drawn from decision making, project scheduling, analyses of inventories and queues, and linear programming techniques. Situations of certainty and uncertainty are considered.

    Referenced Courses

    • 841AA Graduate Certificate in Business Informatics
    • 179JA Graduate Certificate in Statistics
    • 844AA Graduate Diploma in Business Informatics
    • 839AA Graduate Diploma in Statistics
    • 845AA Master of Business Informatics
    • 846AA Master of Information Technology

    Unit Level Key:

    • 1 - Offered in first year of course curriculum
    • 2 - Offered in second year of course curriculum
    • 3 - Offered in third year of course curriculum
    • 4 - Offered in fourth year of course curriculum
    • 5 - Offered in fifth year of course curriculum
    • G - Offered in graduate course curriculums
    • PG - Offered in postgraduate course curriculums
    • R - Offered in research course curriculums
    • H - Offered in honours course curriculums

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