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Course: Postgraduate Diploma in International Revenue Administration (online) (962AB)

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Award: Graduate Diploma in International Revenue Administration
Course Level: 07
Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
University Admissions Centre (UAC) Course Code: 880366
CRICOS Code: N/A17
Offered Locations and Delivery Modes:

  • UC Bruce Campus
    • Part Time, Online -
    • Full Time, Online -


For further information and support:
PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: email or telephone +61 (0)2 6201 5487

This course is designed for law and non-law graduates who wish to develop their skills in the administration of government revenues. The course will cover international models and approaches to revenue management, while assisting students to apply these principles in their own domestic context. It will be particularly suited to government officials, tax and excise accountants and company executives responsible for the implementation of, and compliance with, revenue policies and legislation.

This is a 24 credit point program with two core units in Direct Taxation and Excise. Students who complete the Graduate Diploma may proceed to the Masters in International Revenue Administration, or the Graduate Diploma in International Customs Law and Administration. Students who have completed the Graduate Certificate in Excise Studies or the Graduate Certificate in International Revenue Administration will be able to undertake the Graduate Diploma with credit for their previous studies.

Students who complete this course will be able to: develop policy and legislation in relation to tax and excise revenues; implement and manage Government policy on tax and excise; and manage compliance with revenue legislation.

Course Requirements

24 credit points comprising:

(a) Required (12 credit points) as follows:
7992 Direct Taxation: Principles and Practice PG
7847 Excise PG

(b) Restricted choice (12 credit points) as follows:
7994 Direct Taxation Administration PG
7993 Indirect Taxation PG
6342 Regulatory Compliance Management PG (6cp)
7848 Fuel Taxation PG
7849 Alcohol Taxation PG
7851 Tobacco Taxation PG
8042 Environmental Taxation PG
7874 Harmonized System Tariff PG
7873 Customs Valuation PG
Any other G or PG level unit approved by the course convener.

Typical Course Structure

Semester 1 Semester 2
7992 Direct Taxation: Principles and Practice PG 7847 Excise PG
One 6cp or two 3cp electives One 6cp or two 3cp electives

Course Duration

Standard: 2 semesters
Maximum: 8 semesters

Admission Requirements

As for admission to the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma of International Customs Law and Administration. Admission is open to graduates in any discipline. Applicants are normally expected to have achieved a credit average in their undergraduate course and to have a minimum of two years work experience in customs, tax, excise or a related area. International applicants must satisfy the University of their competence in English, e.g. by an IELTS score of 6.5 or more.

Admission based on RPL is available for the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses. Applicants will be required to demonstrate experience and expertise, obtained within the last ten years, in an area of professional life with relevance to customs, tax and/or excise, or international revenue administration generally. This experience should evidence a deep understanding of revenue principles, practices and procedures. Expertise may be demonstrated by recognised membership in professional bodies in discipline-related areas of management, economics, law, ICT or accounting.

Subsumable awards

The Graduate Diploma is subsumable into the Master in International Revenue Administration and the Master of International Customs Law and Administration.
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