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Course: Bachelor of Laws (794AA)

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Award: Bachelor of Laws
Course Level: 10
Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
CRICOS Code: 025566M
Offered Locations and Delivery Modes:

  • UC Bruce Campus
    • Full Time, Face-to-Face -
    • Part Time, Face-to-Face -


This course is for undergraduates who seek completion of a law degree in minimum time. It is fully accredited as a basis for admission to practice law in Australia.

We proudly use research-led educational methods that support students in the adventure of learning law. We emphasise practical legal problem-solving in social and economic context and the development of advocacy abilities and legal skills while understanding their connections to the theory and history of law. We strive to graduate professionals with respect for social and ethical responsibilities.

Governance in public and private spheres is the common element in the three main areas of strength of the Canberra Law School,
- Corporate and Commercial Law;
- Revenue Law, including the Customs and Excise Law specialisation led by our Centre for Customs and Excise Studies [CCES]; and
- Justice, embracing the Administration of Justice, Access to Justice, Justice Environments and Law and Society studies;
There are opportunities for law internships and international study through linkages with law firms, governments and overseas universities.

This course features small class sizes, highly qualified staff, state-of-the art facilities, including on-campus and remote access to all the major online legal databases. Graduation from this course provides outstanding employment opportunities and high starting salaries.

Course Requirements

At least 96 credit points comprising:

(a) Required (45 credit points)
MJ0082 Major in Law Foundation (21 credit points)
MJ0083 Major in Legal Practice (Restricted) (24 credit points)

(b) Restricted choice: (27 credit points)
27 credit points of law electives selected from a list below. Eligible honours students will enrol in the unit 7039 Law Honours as one of their elective law units.

6593 Competition and Consumer Law
7026 Cybercrime
7027 Employment Discrimination and the Law
7031 Family Law
7032 Gender and the Australian Legal System
7033 Human Rights Law
7035 Intellectual Property Law
7036 International Taxation
7037 Introduction to Taxation Law
7038 International Trade Law
7039 Law Honours
7045 Legal Research Project
7051 Public Companies Law
7053 Student Law Internship
7055 Taxation of Entities and Tax Planning
7570 Client Advocacy and Communication Skills
7870 Current Legal Issues
7906 Employment Law
7907 Environmental and Planning Law
7915 What Works in Criminal Justice (Criminology)
7917 Therapeutic Jurisprudence
8055 Mental Health and the Law
8062 International Law
8069 Introduction to Border Control
8245 Indigenous Australians and the Law
8359 Justice Policy and Community Engagement
8507 Young People and Crime
8523 Women and the Law
8672 Canberra Law Review
8683 International Commercial Arbitration
8685 Mooting
8749 Law in Action Project
8892 Legal Advice Clinic
8893 Transnational Crime
8894 International Sale of Goods Law

(c) Open Electives: (24 credit points)
24 credit points electives from any part of the University as a Major, Minor and/or individual units. Students are encouraged to broaden their study by taking subjects from law or other disciplines.

In choosing electives students should note that no more than 30 credit points at level one is permitted for the entire course.

Typical Course Structure

Semester 1 Semester 2
6602 Legal Systems 6594 Contract Law
6601 Legal Methods and Skills 7042 Law of Obligations
Open elective Open elective
Open elective Open elective
7024 Corporations Law 7050 Property Law
7022 Constitutional Law 7046 Legal Theory
Open elective Open elective
Open elective Open elective
7029 Equity Law 7018 Administrative Law
7025 Criminal Law and Procedure 7030 Evidence Law
Law elective Law elective
Law elective Law elective
7047 Litigation and Dispute Processing 7043 Lawyers and Professional Responsibility
7019 Advanced Legal Research and Writing OR Law elective
8358 Advanced Legal Research and Writing (Honours)
Law elective Law elective
Law elective * Law elective *

* Students undertaking the course with Honours will enrol in the unit 7039 Law Honours in place of a Law elective in their last year.

Course Duration

Standard eight semesters full-time or equivalent. Maximum twenty-four semesters.

Admission Requirements

Attainment of the published UAI or its equivalent.

Requirements for Degree with Honours
(i) To be eligible to undertake studies at honours level, a student must achieve at least a credit average in all law units undertaken at the University of Canberra, this being determined by averaging their scores in all eligible subjects.

Eligible units:
Eligible units are those which count towards the Entry GPA and Honours GPA. Eligible Units are:
- any Law unit done which counts towards your LLB (i.e., not the subjects going only towards the non-law degree if you are enrolled in a double degree. If you are enrolled in a straight LLB, your open electives are not counted).
- this includes Units for which you receive Advanced Standing, whether done at UC or elsewhere.
- where you have done extra subjects which may count, e.g. more than the required amount of law electives, your best results will be counted.

(ii) The degree of Bachelor of Laws may be awarded with first or second class honours. Following submission of an Honours thesis as part of the unit Law Honours, students must obtain at least a classification of Good Performance for a substantial piece of legal writing in the elective unit Law Honours.

Calculating the final class of honours
Law degrees with Honours are awarded in the following classes depending on the Honours GPA obtained and the standard of the Honours Paper.
First Class: both an Honours GPA of at least 6 and an exceptional performance in the honours component of your assessment
Second Class - Division I: both an Honours GPA of at least 5.5 and a very good performance in the honours component of your assessment
Second Class-- Division II: both an Honours GPA of at least 5 and a good performance in the Honours component of your assessment.

Calculating the Honours GPA
- GPAs are calculated by using the Universitys system. The unit 7039 Law Honours will be weighted as 30% for the purposes of calculating the Honours GPA. Units used in the Honours GPA are as described in 'Eligible units' above for entry to the Honours component of the course.

Note that marks are not automatically rounded up for purposes of Honours. Thus 4.99 does not become 5.00. Where your final mark is within two marks of the next level of honours, or of achieving honours at all (e.g. a 4.8 is rounded up to 5.0), you can apply in writing to have your honours result upgraded. This will be determined by the Law Program Manager and the Law Honours Unit Convener, taking into account your academic record and any mitigating circumstances which may have affected your academic performance.

Professional Recognition

This program is recognised by the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and the State of New South Wales. Through mutual recognition, UC's degree may serve as the basis for admission in all Australian jurisdictions.

Through a program offered in conjunction with the College of Law, students may (in their final year of the Bachelor of Laws at UC) begin their Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice course that qualifies for them for admission. Arrangements exist for students to articulate into programs leading to admission in the UK and the United States. Students are also eligible to prepare to sit for the New York Bar.

Course Enquiries

For further information please contact the Faculty of Law.
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