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LAN001 Cross Institutional Study with ANU in Chinese - students eligible for compensation
LAN002 Cross Institutional Study with ANU in Japenese - students eligible for compensation
LAN003 Cross Institutional Study with ANU in Spanish - students eligible for compensation
MJ0002 Major in Accounting
MJ0001 Major in Accounting (Restricted)
MJ0191 Major in Accounting (Restricted) (24cp)
MJ0255 Major in Acting and Performance
MJ0130 Major in Advanced Media Arts (Restricted)
MJ0131 Major in Advertising
MJ0227 Major in Advertising (18cp)
MJ0003 Major in Advertising Studies
MJ0004 Major in Advertising and Marketing Communication (Restricted)
MJ0178 Major in Analytical Chemistry
MJ0230 Major in Animation (Restricted)
MJ0008 Major in Applied Ecology
MJ0005 Major in Applied Economics
MJ0235 Major in Applied Psychology
MJ0253 Major in Applied Psychology and Counselling (Restricted)
MJ0164 Major in Applied Software Engineering (BSE/BBI) (Restricted)
MJ0007 Major in Applied Statistics
MJ0011 Major in Architecture Design (Restricted)
MJ0009 Major in Architecture Design Year 4-5 (Restricted)
MJ0177 Major in Architecture History and Theory
MJ0010 Major in Architecture Technology (Restricted)
MJ0188 Major in Australian Politics and Public Policy
MJ0012 Major in Banking & Financial Services (Restricted)
MJ0013 Major in Biological Chemistry
MJ0132 Major in Biology 1
MJ0133 Major in Biology 2
MJ0134 Major in Building and Construction Management
MJ0135 Major in Business Administration
MJ0015 Major in Business Informatics (BBI) (Restricted)
MJ0159 Major in Business Informatics (BSE/BBI) (Restricted)
MJ0014 Major in Business Management (Restricted)
MJ0249 Major in Business Studies
MJ0136 Major in Chemistry
MJ0018 Major in Chinese (Beginning)
MJ0016 Major in Chinese (Continuing)
MJ0017 Major in Chinese (Intermediate-Advanced)
MJ0216 Major in Communication Studies
MJ0138 Major in Communication and Media Studies
MJ0027 Major in Community Development
MJ0025 Major in Community Education (Restricted)
MJ0244 Major in Computing Technology Teaching (Software Design and Development) (Restricted)
MJ0220 Major in Conservation
MJ0139 Major in Conservation Practice (Restricted)
MJ0257 Major in Contemporary Music Performance
MJ0028 Major in Corporate and Commercial Law (Restricted)
MJ0029 Major in Counselling Studies
MJ0030 Major in Creative Writing
MJ0140 Major in Cultural Heritage Practice
MJ0212 Major in Design (Restricted)
MJ0033 Major in Design (Restricted)
MJ0256 Major in Design Identity
MJ0199 Major in Design and Technology Teaching
MJ0141 Major in Diagnostic Pathology (Restricted)
MJ0182 Major in Digital Design and Production
MJ0035 Major in Early Childhood (Restricted)
MJ0200 Major in Early Childhood Teaching 3-8
MJ0229 Major in Early Years Learning (Restricted)
MJ0193 Major in Earth Science
MJ0037 Major in Economics (Restricted)
MJ0246 Major in English (Secondary Teaching)
MJ0038 Major in English Language and Literature
MJ0196 Major in Entrepreneurial Management
MJ0143 Major in Entrepreneurship
MJ0179 Major in Environmental Chemistry
MJ0242 Major in Environmental Health (18cp)
MJ0126 Major in Event Management
MJ0248 Major in Event and Tourism Management (Restricted)
MJ0260 Major in Exercise Science
MJ0254 Major in Film Production (Restricted) (18cp)
MJ0041 Major in Financial Planning (Restricted)
MJ0040 Major in Financial Services
MJ0203 Major in Food Technology Teaching (Restricted)
MJ0043 Major in Forensic Biology
MJ0042 Major in Forensic Chemistry
MJ0144 Major in Forensic Studies (Law)
MJ0145 Major in Forensic Studies (Psychology)
MJ0258 Major in Games and Interactive Design
MJ0228 Major in Gender and Diversity (24cp)
MJ0207 Major in General Educational Studies (Restricted)
MJ0045 Major in Genetic Counselling
MJ0046 Major in Genetics
MJ0172 Major in Governance and Policy
MJ0047 Major in Government & Politics
MJ0049 Major in Graphic Design (Restricted)
MJ0234 Major in Graphic Design Studio
MJ0183 Major in Graphic Design Studio (Restricted)
MJ0048 Major in Graphic Design Technology
MJ0146 Major in Health (Restricted)
MJ0264 Major in Health Science
MJ0263 Major in Health Studies
MJ0198 Major in Health and Physical Education
MJ0221 Major in Heritage Studies
MJ0053 Major in Human Biology: Chemical & Molecular Principles
MJ0050 Major in Human Biology: From Cells to Organism
MJ0261 Major in Human Movement
MJ0051 Major in Human Nutrition
MJ0052 Major in Human Resource Management (Restricted)
MJ0180 Major in Indigenous Studies
MJ0213 Major in Industrial Design (Restricted)
MJ0166 Major in Industrial Design Studio (Restricted)
MJ0165 Major in Industrial Design and Technology
MJ0204 Major in Industrial Technology (Construction) Teaching
MJ0201 Major in Industrial Technology (Graphics and Multi Media) Teaching
MJ0059 Major in Information Systems
MJ0058 Major in Information Systems (BBI) (Restricted)
MJ0238 Major in Information Systems (BIT)
MJ0057 Major in Information Systems (BIT) (Restricted)
MJ0162 Major in Information Systems (BSE/BBI) (Restricted)
MJ0056 Major in Information Systems (Restricted)
MJ0237 Major in Information Technology
MJ0160 Major in Information Technology (Restricted)
MJ0060 Major in Integrated Environmental Management
MJ0061 Major in Interdisciplinary Design (Restricted)
MJ0214 Major in Interior Architecture (Restricted)
MJ0168 Major in Interior Architecture Studio (Restricted)
MJ0167 Major in Interior Architecture and Technology
MJ0063 Major in Interior Design (Restricted)
MJ0067 Major in International Business (Restricted)
MJ0239 Major in International Education (Restricted)
MJ0064 Major in International Management
MJ0128 Major in International Studies
MJ0240 Major in International Studies (Restricted) (18cp)
MJ0071 Major in Japanese (Beginning)
MJ0069 Major in Japanese (Continuing)
MJ0070 Major in Japanese (Intermediate-Advanced)
MJ0217 Major in Journalism
MJ0142 Major in Journalism (Restricted)
MJ0072 Major in Journalism Studies
MJ0147 Major in Justice Studies
MJ0073 Major in Key Learning Areas (EC/P GE) (Restricted)
MJ0076 Major in Key Learning Areas (Early Childhood) (Restricted)
MJ0075 Major in Key Learning Areas (Middle School) (Restricted)
MJ0208 Major in Key Learning Areas (Restricted)
MJ0074 Major in Key Learning Areas - Primary (Restricted)
MJ0078 Major in Landscape Architecture (Restricted)
MJ0215 Major in Landscape Architecture (Restricted)
MJ0169 Major in Landscape Architecture Studio
MJ0187 Major in Landscape Architecture Studio (24cp)
MJ0079 Major in Language Studies
MJ0082 Major in Law Foundation
MJ0080 Major in Law and Society
MJ0081 Major in Law and Technology
MJ0083 Major in Legal Practice (Restricted)
MJ0084 Major in Literary Studies
MJ0231 Major in Live Action (Restricted)
MJ0161 Major in Mainframe Computing (Restricted)
MJ0086 Major in Management
MJ0085 Major in Management, Governance & Policy
MJ0087 Major in Managing Human Resources
MJ0089 Major in Marketing
MJ0088 Major in Marketing Management (Restricted)
MJ0233 Major in Marketing and Sales Management (Restricted)
MJ0148 Major in Mathematics
MJ0149 Major in Media Arts
MJ0090 Major in Media Arts and Scriptwriting
MJ0218 Major in Media and Public Affairs
MJ0150 Major in Midwifery Practice Theory (Restricted)
MJ0265 Major in Midwifery Professional Theory
MJ0151 Major in Midwifery Theory (Restricted)
MJ0232 Major in Multimedia
MJ0176 Major in Museum Studies
MJ0174 Major in National Security
MJ0262 Major in Network Engineering
MJ0158 Major in Network Engineering
MJ0226 Major in Nursing Inquiry (Restricted)
MJ0170 Major in Performance Art
MJ0175 Major in Pharmaceutical Science
MJ0222 Major in Pharmacotherapeutics
MJ0223 Major in Pharmacy Practice (Restricted)
MJ0205 Major in Physiotherapy Interventions (Restricted)
MJ0206 Major in Physiotherapy Practice (Restricted)
MJ0152 Major in Planning
MJ0127 Major in Political Communication
MJ0093 Major in Politics & Government
MJ0173 Major in Politics and International Relations
MJ0189 Major in Politics and International Relations (Restricted)
MJ0095 Major in Pre-Physiotherapy
MJ0209 Major in Primary Curriculum and Pedagogy (Restricted)
MJ0224 Major in Primary Health
MJ0101 Major in Professional Economics
MJ0098 Major in Professional Experience (Early Childhood 3-8) (Restricted)
MJ0099 Major in Professional Experience (Middle School) (Restricted)
MJ0096 Major in Professional Experience (Primary Education) (Restricted)
MJ0225 Major in Professional Nursing Practice (Restricted)
MJ0097 Major in Professional Studies (Secondary Education)
MJ0102 Major in Psychological Science
MJ0068 Major in Psychology: An Introduction
MJ0181 Major in Public Health
MJ0219 Major in Public Relations
MJ0104 Major in Public Relations (Restricted)
MJ0103 Major in Public Relations Studies
MJ0190 Major in Public Sector Management
MJ0247 Major in Quantity Surveying (Restricted)
MJ0197 Major in Secondary Education
MJ0153 Major in Service Management
MJ0106 Major in Sociology and Social Policy
MJ0109 Major in Software Engineering
MJ0107 Major in Software Engineering (BIT) (Restricted)
MJ0108 Major in Software Engineering (BSE) (Restricted)
MJ0163 Major in Software Engineering (BSE/BBI) (Restricted)
MJ0112 Major in Spanish (Beginning)
MJ0110 Major in Spanish (Continuing)
MJ0111 Major in Spanish (Intermediate-Advanced)
MJ0154 Major in Sport Business
MJ0236 Major in Sport Business (Restricted)
MJ0186 Major in Sport Coaching (Restricted)
MJ0113 Major in Sport Management
MJ0245 Major in Sport Management (Restricted)
MJ0114 Major in Sports Media (Restricted)
MJ0115 Major in Sports Science
MJ0171 Major in Storytelling
MJ0243 Major in Sustainability and Human Health (18cp)
MJ0118 Major in Teacher Education
MJ0117 Major in Teacher Education (Secondary GE) (Restricted)
MJ0156 Major in Teacher Education - Early Childhood
MJ0210 Major in Teacher Professional Practice (Restricted)
MJ0211 Major in Teacher Professional Practice P-6 (Restricted)
MJ0120 Major in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
MJ0157 Major in Teaching Literacy and Numeracy (Restricted)
MJ0202 Major in Textiles Technology Teaching
MJ0123 Major in Tourism Management
MJ0259 Major in Visual Arts Practice
MJ0124 Major in Water Science
MJ0241 Major in Web Design and Production (18cp)
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