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How do I get credit?  

You are guaranteed an offer of a place in an undergraduate degree at the University of Canberra when you complete a diploma or advanced diploma at CIT. To receive an offer, you can either apply through the University Admissions Centre (UAC) or directly to the University of Canberra by completing the online 'Application for Admission' form.

What is credit transfer?

Credit transfer is based on approved arrangements for credit in a UC course on the basis of completion of a specific course at CIT. Over 150 credit transfer arrangements exist, mainly between CIT diplomas and advanced diplomas, and UC degree programs. If you are admitted under an approved credit transfer arrangement you will not need to apply for credit separately - it will be awarded to you automatically, shortly after your enrolment at UC. 

On this website you can search to find out what credit you will get for your CIT program.

What if no credit transfer arrangement exists?

If no credit transfer arrangement is in place between your CIT program and the UC program you wish to study, you may still get credit for your CIT studies. However, in this case you will need to follow the standard credit application procedure.

You should follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Convener of your UC course. They can advise whether you are likely to be granted credit and can determine a study program for you. 
  2. Download and complete an Application for Credit (Advanced Standing) form and lodge it with your Faculty Administrator or Course Convenor together with proof of your CIT qualifications for approval (Do not register in the units for which you are seeking credit).
  3. Once approved lodge your Application for Credit with the Student Centre who will pass it onto the Student Progress and Graduation Office for processing.

More information about this process is available from Student Administration.