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The UC Library’s mobile catalogue, where you can check your loan status, renew your books, also links to mobile friendly databases.libanywhere

Did you know that the library has a mobile version of the catalogue?

You can access the following services:

  • what you have on loan
  • due dates
  • renew items
  • FAQ’s
  • chat online
  • library subject guides
  • library blog

You can also access some different mobile friendly websites, and other apps:

  • Micromedex Drug info
  • ProQuest
  • EBSCO Host
  • National Library mobile catalogue

Getting LibAnywhere:

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Semester 1 may not have started, but it’s never too soon to learn new things.

UC students can use to gain business, IT, and creative skills using easy to understand video tutorials.

First go to’s University of Canberra account creation by clicking here!

You can then log into the regular site and learn how to…..

These tutorials and many more are available free for UC students from


The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) provides access to over 10,000 Open Access Journals.

Designed to give easy access to high quality open access Research, the DOAJ insists all journals listed use peer review or exercise editorial quality control.

Sponsored by respected publishers such as Springer, Wiley, and Taylor & Francis, the DOAJ can keep you updated with quality free research information in your field, throughout your studies and beyond.

With Halloween coming soon we searched the DOAJ for Vampires, and found a few open access articles from various fields that might interest you….

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the Law

Kluwer Arbitration

This database contains the text of major international agreements, rules, and information about the key arbitration organizations. It includes national laws, national rules, case law of awards, and even some submissions or interim orders under various arbitral regimes. Kluwer Arbitration includes case law, including ICC cases and awards, commentary, conventions, legislation, rules, and investment materials. This database also links to the Kluwer Arbitration Blog which provides news and information on ICA written by leading experts from law firms, academia, and ICA institutions. The blog focuses on current and upcoming events, trends, and major arbitration awards.

The database contains over 100 key arbitration publications and 10 journals, including two well-known Kluwer print publications: Yearbook: Commercial Arbitration(containing selected cases and arbitral awards) and International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration(containing reports about arbitration developments in specific countries and texts of countries’ arbitration laws).  It also provides Asian Journal of International Arbitration, Arbitration International, Journal of International Arbitration and Revue de l’arbitrage.

Kluwer Arbitration covers 115 countries.  The Practice Tools include IAI Arbitrator Tool and Kluwer Arbitral Institutions Smart Charts.

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Web of Science features

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Now that semester has started, are you wondering how to find information for your study and research?

Try our new discovery service UCanFind.

Use it as your starting point to check out what information there is on your topic – journal articles, books, reports, images, media, and more – all in one spot.

Go to to try it out:  UCanFind tag cloud

  1. Enter your search terms (remember, putting in more specific terms will give a more specific result).
  2. On the results page, refine your search by selecting what you need in the left-hand navigation menu under Content type (e.g. journal article, book/eBook, etc.), Discipline (e.g. psychology, etc.), or Publication date, etc.
  3. As you browse the results, you can store items you are interested in by clicking on the folder icon on the right of its title. This stores the selected items in a temporary folder. To view, email or print the list of items, click on the folder icon at the top of the page.
  4. Click on online links to view electronic items, but for print material, first check it’s availability, then take note of it’s location in the Library e.g. UC Library General or Short Loan and it’s call no. e.g. RT41.M493 2011.

Happy searching!


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Cordell’s Building Cost Guide for Housing in New South Wales is now available online via Cordell’s eCosting database.

To access this resource, please go to the Database password list.

This resource only allows 1 user access at a time. Please log out immediately after use.


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The Library is currently trialling new software which powers a journal article search box on our homepage.


We’d love to know what you think of it! Should we make it a permanent feature?


Fill out our Feedback Form and let us know!


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Now you can search for journal articles in all databases using just one search box located on the Library’s homepage.

UC Library is trialling a web discovery service which can search all of our journal article databases at once. When using it you can search for journal articles across multiple databases, saving you time and bringing up relevant articles from databases you may not have thought to search in.

For more information or help in using this search service, please see our  search trial FAQ.

If you have any feedback regarding this search service trial, please send it through our feedback form.

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New: SpringerLink App


The SpringerLink database now has a free app available for iPad, iPhones and Android devices.

The app allows you to search and access full text journal articles from your mobile device.

You can access all of the UC’s subscribed content if you are connected to the UC network.

You can download the app from the Google Play store or the iTunes Store

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