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R U OK? Day

R U OK? Day  Highlighted annually on  the second Thursday in September.  A day devoted to reminding people to ask those around them Are You Okay? 

Ask the question of a family member, a co-worker or a friend today!

Remember that this simple question, could turn someones life around and change it for the better, a conversation could save a life.

R U OK PosterFor more information on how you can help, visit

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Adult Learners Week

lifelong learning

This week is ‘Adult Learners Week’. It is a week-long celebration of life long and life wide learning. What a great opportunity for all students to use this week to reflect on your learning journey.  Is this the beginning or end of your learning journey?  When you move on from studying at UC, do you have any hobbies or other interests you would like to pursue?

Think about who the interesting people are in your life.  The most interesting people tend to be interesting because they are always learning new things.  They always have new experiences to share. If you would like to be the interesting person in the group, your learning experience now is just one step on a very long learning journey and we here at the UC Library would like to wish you well for every step of the way.

Are you a Researcher?  AAAAA

Would you like to boost your citation count?

Have you considered publishing in an Open Access journal?

Open Access journals use the same method of peer review as traditional journals, however they make your research more readably available to a wider audience of people.


Getting your research out there makes a difference!


Recent ground breaking scientific advances that were achieved due to open access publishing included

  • HIV personal test kits
  • the Smartphone microscope
  • the ability to calculate the impact of ecotourism on threatened species world wide

These researchers got their research out thereand made it possible for all researchers to immediately see their work, cite it and collaborate.

If you are interested in making your research more accessible check out the links below and talk to your Liaison Librarian about open access.

What is open access?

Why make work open access?

Dilemmas of the traditional publishing model – clip

Researchers who started their own open access journals – clip

Directory of Australian open access journals

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Haven’t Libraries changed over the years?  Libraries used to primarily exist to house books and for librarians to assist those seeking information to find it. That focus has shifted with libraries now offering more and more of their collections digitally.  This has meant, less books and therefore less shelves. Libraries are now using this space as a place for human interaction to occur face to face, a slowly declining phenomena due to technologies and social media. Just look at the great space we have created here in the Library on level B.  We here in the Library love seeing how students use this space.

Have a look at this pic from the University archives. Not only has the Library changed, so has the fashion!  I look forward to the high waisted flared pant making its come back!

Rolling Stone Katy Perry

Did you know that the Library holds many items other than general text books?  In fact, we hold a wide range of more specialised books and journals on topics such as gardening, interior design and music. One such magazine is Rolling Stone. The Library subscribes to the online version back to 1990 and we hold the latest four months of print copies on the Current Journals Display on Level C.

So, take a well-earned break from study and get a fix of this classic mag!!


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Research Skills Training Wordle Next week is week 3 of Semester 2 and it is probably about now that the work is starting to pile up.  Why not get ahead by attending one of the Library’s useful training sessions?  Next week we will be running a variety of training sessions that will help you with all aspects of your academic career.  The training sessions we will be running include:

-          Finding Journal Articles: An overview of basic skills needed to get started on your university research and techniques for finding scholarly journal articles using the Library’s online resources

-          Referencing: Learn how to use information effectively in assignments, how to avoid plagiarism, how to correctly reference information sources and practical tips on creating in-text references and reference lists.

-          RefWorks: RefWorks is a web-based referencing tool – create and organise references, input references and reference lists in assignments.  Ideal for undergraduate students. PRE-REQUISITE: Basic knowledge of referencing.

-          EndNote for PC or Mac: Computer-based referencing tool.  PRE-REQUISITES: Understanding of referencing and file management on a PC. Visit the Research Skills Training page for times and to book yourself a place.  We look forward to helping you with your studies.

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study skills rover

Did you know we have 2 different Rovers working in the Library, each offering students an invaluable service?

You can find Blue shirted Library Rovers behind the Library Service Desk on Level B. In addition, they do as the name implies – ‘Rove’ the library, to ensure they are visible and accessible when you need them. Library Rovers are always on hand during Library opening hours and you can even call them on their mobiles; their numbers are found on library computer monitors or the Library contact page. They can assist with all general library inquiries but really come into their own with all manner of technical requests: do you need help with printing and scanning, connecting to the UC Wireless Network, adding credit to your student card or perhaps assistance with Moodle? They’re students just like you so never hesitate to approach one of our friendly Library Rovers who will always be willing to assist.

Find more info at the Library Rover Service Page

Red Rover, Red Rover, send students over! – Red-shirted Study Skills Rovers are also on level B of the library, fittingly located at bright red desks, Monday-Friday from 10am to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1-5 pm. They can help you understand your assignment questions, perfect your referencing, create the right essay or report structure, or troubleshoot grammar mistakes. BUT THEY WON’T FIX YOUR WORK! They aren’t editors. They will point out possible problems and help you to solve them. They are students themselves, and good ones, so use their knowledge and expertise to improve your own academic work.

Free Library BBQ

UC hoodie

Library Discovery Day BBQ

Date: Thursday 21st August

Time: 11.30am – 2pm

Location: UC Library, Building 8, University of Canberra


  • Free BBQ
  • Free Raffle
  • Prize

Come and get a free sausage and have a chat to our friendly librarians about how the Library can help you with your assignments, study and research. Just for coming and saying hi you will receive a free raffle ticket for your chance to win a UC Hoodie. Raffle to be drawn later the same day.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Welcome gate

The Library would like to welcome back continuing students and give a big welcome to students who are starting new this semester. As the new semester begins, I bet you are all full of enthusiasm and ready to get started on the right foot. The Library is here to help you with that.

Why not come along to any one of our numerous training sessions?  We have training on; how to find journal articles for your assignment, the importance of referencing, and how to use referencing software like EndNote or RefWorks. If coming along to a training session isn’t your thing, you can access our ‘Finding Journal Articles’ training session online via blackboard collaborate.

Check out the Research Skills Training page for times, availability and to book.

If you need more help, just remember that Library staff are always available during Library opening hours to assist you with your research enquiries at the Research Assistance Desk.

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