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Canvas Articles

  1. Digital media users

    News blues: over half of Australians avoid the news

    If you try to evade the news like the plague then you are not alone! According to a new University of Canberra report, more than half of adult Australians avoid the news occasionally or often. read more
  2. Pierre Johannessen

    Nominations open for the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Awards

    To celebrate the significant achievements of a small few who are making a difference to the world around us in our local, national and international communities, every second year we hold the the Distinguished Alumni Awards. read more
  3. Hiking

    UC Abroad... New Zealand with Lucy Lovegrove

    Studying media production at the University of Canberra was the perfect foundation for Lucy Lovegrove to land her dream role as an actress. A star on the rise, Lucy now resides in Auckland, New Zealand, playing Sass Connelly on Shortland Street. read more
  4. Time

    Will you have time to go back to study?

    We know exactly what you’re thinking. You love the idea of going to university and the benefits it could bring to your career. But the idea of adding another commitment to your life is exhausting. But never fear! With a little preparation and planning, you can not only fit in university but ace it as well. read more