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Canvas Articles

  1. Peter giving sail in Timor Leste

    Giving Sails for a Brighter Future

    CCAE alumna Peter Gately needs your sails to deliver to fishermen who might get stranded at sea without them. Founder of Sails Ocean Sails (S.O.S.), Peter has travelled the world to teach at maritime schools and offer a safeguard for when dinghies run out of fuel in the middle of the ocean. read more
  2. dollar sign

    5 Steps to Financial Freedom

    What is financial freedom? It’s different for everyone, but methodologically, financial freedom is when your passive income (from your own business or assets) exceed your expenses... allowing you the freedom to achieve your ideal life... and no longer need to work as an employee! read more
  3. interview in progress

    7 Foolproof Interview Tips to Land Your Dream Job

    So you’ve managed to land yourself an interview with your dream company, but how to secure the position? With so much riding on your interview performance, job interviews can challenge even the most confident and qualified candidates. read more
  4. Robot with ipad

    The Future of Jobs

    Since the invention of the wheel, humans have looked for new ways of making their life easier. Now, with self-service check outs at supermarkets and ticket machines in waiting rooms, it looks as though more and more tasks are being taken over by machines. read more