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University Access Programs

Special Consideration

Applicants with any form of disadvantage which may have impacted on their prior study or performance at school can apply to have that disadvantage taken into account when applying for admission to the University of Canberra.

  • Children of Australian Defence Force Personnel
  • Dean's Recommendation Scheme 
  • Education Access Scheme (EAS)
  • Elite Athletes
  • Exclusion from Tertiary Study
  • Indigenous Bonus Points Scheme  
  • Regional Bonus Points Scheme
  • Other Criteria

Applications for special consideration for NSW Region areas will be made automatically when a student applies to study at the University of Canberra through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). See below for details of our Regional Bonus Points Scheme.

Applications for all other special consideration categories must be in writing and mailed to: The Manager of Admissions, University of Canberra, ACT 2601 or delivered to: Manager of Admissions, Student Centre, Building 1, University of Canberra.

Children of Australian Defence Force Personnel

Children of Australian Defence Force Personnel are eligible for 5 bonus points where the applicants schooling has been disrupted by moving interstate and/or because applicants attended 3 or more different secondary schools during Years 10, 11 and 12 this does not include moving from junior to senior secondary school. These bonus points are inclusive of points awarded under Disrupted Schooling awarded under EAS.

Dean's Recommendation Scheme

The Dean of each Faculty has the option to allow an offer to be made to a student who is within 5 points of the course cut off.

This is open to all students applying to Undergraduate courses.

The Admissions Office will identify these students and send their details to the relevant Faculty. All eligible students are included, they do not need to request to be considered.

For further information contact the Student Centre at the University of Canberra

Education Access Scheme (EAS)

UAC applicants can apply for special consideration under the EAS via UAC. This scheme considers disabilities and/or disadvantages experienced by the applicant. If successful, this consideration will lead to additional bonus points being added to your entrance rank for the University of Canberra. More EAS information is available here.

After the UAC closing date, applicants can still lodge an EAS application directly with the University of Canberra. Please contact the university directly to discuss this further.

Elite Athletes

Elite athletes, including sports coaches and elite dance artists, whose training and competitive commitments have affected their education may be considered for special consideration. In addition to their application, applicants must provide the University of Canberra Admissions Office with a letter explaining why they believe their sporting commitments have affected their study in years 11 and 12. The letter should be accompanied by a supporting statement from the relevant sporting body. This statement should include the hours per week on average spent training and competing. Elite athletes are awarded 5 bonus points. More about Elite Athletes at UC here.

Exclusion from Tertiary Study

Applicants who have a record of failure and/or exclusion at tertiary study may apply direct to the University for Special Consideration. Applicants will need t o demonstrate that their circumstances have changed sufficiently to enable them to succeed at university study.

Indigenous Bonus Point Scheme

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who study at high school in all State and Territory jurisdictions automatically receive 5 bonus points.

Regional Bonus Points Scheme

Due to recent changes to the UAC Education Access Scheme (EAS), the University of Canberra Regional Bonus Points Scheme will be changing for semester 1 2013 admission.  

Students from NSW schools outside metropolitan Sydney and Canberra will no longer be automatically awarded five (5) bonus points toward their ATAR as in previously years. Instead they will be awarded bonus points based on the actual disadvantage experienced in their school. UAC has classified all regional and remote schools throughout Australia into four EAS disadvantage lists according to criteria developed in consultation with UAC stakeholder institutions.  This classification measures the level of disadvantage experienced at each school and acts as a guide to equitability distribute bonus points based on this true disadvantage.  Information on the UAC EAS disadvantage schools lists can be found at

The University of Canberra will award bonus points based on the above method from semester 1 2013. A minimum of four (4) bonus points will be awarded to eligible students whose school feature on one of the EAS disadvantage school lists and will be capped at maximum of ten (10) bonus points for each individual.

Other Criteria

Any applicant who believes that he or she has been disadvantaged and is not eligible for assistance through one of the above schemes can make written application to the University of Canberra Admissions Centre seeking special consideration.