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Credit Points for Previous Tertiary Study and RPL

If you have completed units at another institution, or in a different degree at UC, you may be eligible for credit where those units can count towards your current UC course.

Policy and procedures for the granting of credit

The University's Academic Credit Policy contains the full policy and procedures related to Academic Credit.

Credit for studies at CIT

For a Credit list from a CIT course go to CIT Pathways.

Credit for previous studies at another institution

If you are seeking credit for previous studies at an institution other than the Canberra Institute of Technology, you should follow the standard credit application procedure (see below).

Credit for previous studies at UC

If you are seeking credit for previous studies at UC, you should follow the standard credit application procedure (see below).

Standard credit application procedure

You should first contact the Convener of your course. The Course Convener can advise whether you are likely to be granted credit, and can determine a study program. If you are an international student the study program must allow you to enrol full-time, otherwise you will not be able to be awarded the credit. Once you have obtained advice from the Course Convener you will need to lodge your credit application signed by your Course Convener at the Student Centre in Building 1B150. Please ensure that an official transcript of results (original or certified copy) is attached to the credit application form. You should not register in the units for which you are seeking credit. If you are an International student whose credit application is successful, you should advise the UC International Office, as your visa duration will need to be adjusted accurately to reflect the length of your study period.

Application for Credit form

Exemption of units

If you are not eligible for credit for previous study an alternative would be to seek an exemption from your Course Convener. You may be permitted to study an alternative to the required UC unit.

Please note: any units registered as part of your study program on or after the Census date will incur any applicable HECS or Tuition fee liability. Therefore, you should not enrol in any unit/s in which you are seeking Exemption approval.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

For some UC courses, decisions on admission and credit may take into account learning experience from sources other than Australian Qualifications Framework qualifications. Examples of this learning experience include learning from work experience, and learning from non-credentialled courses. Contact your Course Convener for information on RPL-based credit and the Student Centre for information on RPL-based admission.

Specific advice

For further information on academic credit you will need to contact your Course Convener. If you do not know who this is please contact the revelant Faculty for information.