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Academic Calendar / Principal Dates

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Academic Calendar 2014

The present Academic Calendar has a 13-7-13 teaching pattern, which includes an intensive Winter Term of 7 weeks. You can find out when Winter Term occurs by visiting our Principal Dates page.

Our intention is to give you, the student, greater flexibility and opportunity when it comes to your studies.  For example, you may shorten the length of your degree by taking more units of study in a year.  Or, you may lessen your study load by spreading your study across three teaching periods in a year.  In other words, it will give you even greater control over your studies.

Of course, how you design your study program will be up to you.  It will not be compulsory for you to study in the Winter Term - it is just another option for you to consider.  A full time study load will remain at 24 credit points i.e. generally 8 units of study.

As the University finalises the units associated with Winter Term, it will be important for you to regularly check for

To assist you in making your decisions, we have included a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

We trust that this teaching pattern will provide another level of flexibility and opportunity for you.  It is one way in which the University is addressing student suggestions in this area, and we wish you well in your future studies.