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T&L undertakes projects for the University focusing on improving course and curriculum quality and supporting innovation.

Assessment Practice Project

  • Academic integrity – improving policy and software around academic honesty and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Assessment for Retention and Engagement (ARE) – working with faculties to develop assessment strategies that enhance students' success.
  • Online submission and feedback – improving technology and practice around electronic submission of assessment.
  • Benchmarking – development of an automated system to enable benchmarking of assessment.

Common First-Year Unit – Foundations of Professional Planning

Provision of a common unit for all commencing students at UC, focusing on career preparation and the development of a portfolio of professional skills.


The InterFace platform at UC presents students and staff with an interactive tool designed to create a partnership between teachers and learners whilst also measuring student satisfaction, student engagement and teacher engagement.

Digital Asset Management System

Management of a repository and database of links to digital learning assets – videos, sound files, images, documents, and others – used in the University's education offerings.

UC Open 

The development and delivery of open education projects, including open online courses, the UC Graduate Guarantee, UC's contribution to the University of the Third Age, and its engagement with the Open Educational Resources Universities.

More information at UC Open.

UC Learning Environments Review

A review of UC learning technologies to evaluate current and future needs and establish a plan for future technologies that supports the UC Strategic Plan.