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Resource Conservation

The University is committed to reducing the quantity of waste going to landfill and maximising recycling rates across all our campuses.

Office areas

The University has installed a standard three bin system across the campus in staff office areas. This includes removal of under-desk bins and replacement with a multi-bin system (paper/cardboard, commingle and landfill); comprising of one set per 8-10 desks. The system is being rolled out in all new-build or refurbishment projects; and it has been rolled out to preexisting office areas as well.

The convenient, centralised locations promote recycling, moving away from landfill-only under-desk bins. Much of what we throw away can be re-used or recycled, and centralised stations support these behaviours. As well as being good for the environment, getting up from your desk to break up prolonged sitting has the added benefit of being great for your health.

Waste streams

The University's waste system has three primary waste streams. They are Paper and Cardboard, Mixed Recycling and General Waste.

What goes in each bin

Blue Bin - Paper & Cardboard Yellow Bin - Mixed Recycling Red Bin - General Waste Green Bin - Compost (trial)
White and all coloured paper
Envelopes (including window face)
Manila folders
Binder dividers
Glossy brochures
Telephone books
Note paper
Photocopy paper
Printed documents
Reports (including staples)
Newspaper magazines and brochures
Milk and juice cartons
Plastic bottles and containers
Steel cans
Aluminium cans and foil
Food scraps
Soft plastics (wrappers, cling wrap)
Plastic bags
Old pens
Staples and paperclips
Food scraps
Green waste