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UC launches new Reconciliation Action Plan

Tara Corcoran

31 May 2018: The University of Canberra has launched its third Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2018–2020 at the University’s 2018 National Reconciliation Week Breakfast on Thursday 31 May.

The latest plan outlines the University of Canberra’s role to advance reconciliation and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to build just, prosperous and sustainable communities which are respectful of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.  

The University’s Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Deep Saini said this Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan includes ambitious targets that involve the input of all members of the University community.

The plan is defined as a Stretch RAP because the University has developed longer-term strategies and established a strong approach towards advancing reconciliation internally. It is also working towards defined measurable targets, embedding reconciliation initiatives into ‘business as usual’ practices.

“In our first ‘Stretch’ Reconciliation Action Plan you will see a focus on implementing longer-term sustainable strategies and working towards defined targets and goals,” Professor Saini said.

The University will work on a curriculum that embeds Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and pedagogies and improves the cultural awareness of non-Indigenous students.

It also aims to create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through enhanced research capacity, employment initiatives and a continued commitment to create an Indigenous-led research institute.

“We are determined to establish the University of Canberra as the institution of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and employees.

“We are also committed to becoming a leading centre of research on matters pertaining to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” Professor Saini said.

The University of Canberra Reconciliation Action Plan 2018–2020 is available here.