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Honorary Degrees Committee


The Honorary Degrees Committee is established under the University of Canberra (Honorary Degree) Rules to make recommendations to Council for the award of Honorary Degrees of the University.

Terms of Reference

Council may admit to an Honorary Degree a person certified as worthy to be admitted on the grounds of:

  • distinguished achievement as a scholar or a member of a profession; or
  • outstanding service to the University or the community.

A proposal for the admission of a person to an Honorary Degree:

  • may be initiated confidentially by any member of the University or Council in writing;
  • must be signed by the Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of Academic Board as an indication of their preliminary support before going to the Committee;
  • must give the reasons that make it appropriate that the person proposed should be admitted to an Honorary Degree of the University;
  • must contain supporting information;
  • may contain supporting opinions and suggestions as to persons appropriate to be consulted in relation to the proposal; and
  • must be addressed to the Chair of the Committee and delivered to the Secretary.

The Honorary Degrees Committee will consider proposals for admission to an Honorary Degree and make recommendations to Council.

2018 Meeting dates

  • Wednesday, 4 April 2018
  • Thursday, 27 September 2018


CategoryMemberPeriod of Appointment
Chancellor (ex officio)Professor Tom Calma AO 
Deputy Chancellor (ex officio) Dr Chris Faulks 
Vice-Chancellor & President (ex officio)Professor H. Deep Saini 
Chair of the Academic Board (ex officio)Professor Dharmendra Sharma 
A member of CouncilVacant 
A member of CouncilVacant