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Committees of Council

Council has established a number of committees to help it carry out its responsibilities. Council is responsible for approving the terms of reference of the Committees and may, in accordance with Section 17 (1)(b) of the University of Canberra Act 1989 (ACT), delegate to those committees functions which are within their terms of reference.

The current committees are listed below:

Audit and Risk Management, Environment and Works, Finance and the Legislation Committees meet according to a regular schedule and review much of the material presented to Council for discussion and approval. The Nominations and Senior Appointments Committee and the Honorary Degree Committee meet as required. The Campus Development Board meets as required, generally monthly.

General Principles

At Council meeting no. 110 on 6 December 2006, Council endorsed a set of principles for Council Committees:

  1. Council committees will be chaired by an external member of Council.
  2. Committees will provide advice and make recommendations to Council.
  3. Committees' terms of reference must be consistent with their purpose.
  4. Unless they are members of Council, University staff members of Council committees will not have voting rights. (The Honorary Degree Committee is an exception to this principle as it is established under the Honorary Degree Statute 1992).
  5. Subject to Council's approval committees may co-opt an additional member to ensure an appropriate level of expertise or gender representation.
  6. Terms of office for members of Council committees will initially be two years, except for student members who are elected to Council for one year.
  7. Student members of Council committees will be appointed for one year or for the duration of their term.
  8. Members may be re-appointed for an additional term(s).
  9. Committee membership should be staggered.
  10. Committees are empowered to investigate any matters within their terms of reference.
  11. Committees may request the Secretary of Council to obtain legal or other independent advice considered necessary to discharge their responsibilities.
  12. Committees will review their performance annually and report this to Council.
  13. An induction package and briefing will be provided to new members.

Casual vacancies

If a casual vacancy in the membership occurs, Council will appoint another member to serve on the committee for the remainder of the term of the member who vacates the position.

Appointment of Members and Committee Chairs

The University Secretary will call for nominations for Committee membership and Council members will vote by secret ballot.

The University Secretary will call for nominations for a specific Committee Chair and Council elects the Chair.