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University Research Committee

Committee of Academic Board

incorporating the University Research Degrees Committee.

Purpose & Function

To advise the Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor on research and research training policy and practice and the improvement of the University's research performance.

Closing date for papers

Please contact Mrs Karina Doblander-Azurin (x2884) if you require further information regarding closing dates for submission of papers to the Committee.

Meetings in 2017

All meetings are held in the Council Room. Meeting dates are:

Meeting # Date Closing date for papers/items
2017-1 9 March      2 March
2017-2 20 April 7  April     
2017-3 1 June 25 May
(2017-4)    (13 July) (06 July) Cancelled    
2017-4 7 September 31 August
2017-5 2 November 19 October


Position Incumbent
Chair: DVC Research & Innovation Professor Frances Shannon
Associate Dean(s) Research (ADR's) Dr Roland Goecke - Faculty of Education, Science Technology & Maths (ESTeM)
Professor Dominic Upton - Faculty of Health
Professor Steve Basson - Faculty of Arts and Design
Dr David Carter - Faculty of Business, Government and Law
Members of Academic Board

Professor Reena Ghildyal - Faculty of Education, Science Technology & Maths (ESTeM)

Professor Ali Quazi  - Faculty of Business Govenrment & Law (BGL)  

Elected Academic Staff Member Dr Ashraf Ghanem - Faculty of Education, Science Technology & Maths (ESTeM)
Directors of University Research Institutes Professor Ross Thompson - Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE)
Professor Mark Evans - Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA)
Professor Gordon Waddington (A/g) - UC Research Institute for sport & Exercise (UCRISE)
Professor Rachel Davey - UC Health Research Institute (HRI)
Director, Research Services Dr Ksenia Sawczak
Academic Director, Graduate Research  Dr Kerry McCallum
Associate Vice-President, Innovation and Strategic Initiatives Dr Victor Pantano
Postgraduate Student Representative  Vacant

Terms of Reference


Access to the University Research Committee minutes is restricted to University staff who will be prompted for their network username and password.

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