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Faculty Boards


Faculty Boards play a vital role in the development of a coherent philosophy of education within the Faculty and facilitate its translation into academic programs which reflect the broadest possible base of consultation and the principles and polices established by Council and Academic Board governing the University as a whole. Faculty Boards also play a vital role in strategic as well as operational planning of the Faculty.

All academic staff have a responsibility to contribute to the good governance of the University and their Faculty in a collegial setting. All members of a Faculty should share the responsibility for making decisions and implementing them. Faculty Boards provide the opportunity for academic and support staff to shape the policies of the University and their implementation where these policies affect day-to-day operations. To achieve this Faculty Boards make recommendations on policy matters referred to them by Academic Board through the Chair of Faculty Board.

As a guiding principle there should be consistency in decision-making across the Faculties so many operational matters are dealt with according to the Delegations Register for Academic Students Matters approved by Academic Board.

Purpose and Function

To provide quality assurance for teaching, learning and research activities within the Faculty as well as monitoring their continuous improvement within the framework of the University’s regulations and Academic Board policy and guidelines and to advise Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor’s Group (VCG) on issues of concern.

Terms of Reference

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