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Counsellors are amongst Allied Health professionals working in a variety of public and private settings and fields including health promotion and health care, community, family, youth, ageing, mental health, and relationships. Students do our courses to gain essential skills in order to enhance their employment prospects as well as their practice as a helping professional.

The University of Canberra is committed to building a strong and sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and sport industry workforce.
If you are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person interested in studying a health or sport course, please contact Rachel Harrigan or phone 6201 2608.

As part of our integrative counselling studies, we offer counselling in undergraduate programs with a minor and major in counselling, as well as entry level and advanced counsellor training programs.

Our post graduate awards include a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Master of Counselling. These are well recognised and sought after counselling qualifications leading to membership of professional organisations.


This minor/major provides students in various degrees with counselling skills and knowledge that will extend their effectiveness in today's demanding workplace and/or community. It is relevant to students from a number of health, education, business degrees or anywhere interpersonal communication skills are important. Units cover interactional skill and theory components, conflict resolution, group-leading as well as ethical and innovative practices.

For more information, contact the program/course convener Bruce Munro


These awards are well-recognised and sought-after counselling qualifications, leading to membership of professional organisations and eventually to PACFA Registration. The first equips students from a range of disciplines and professional backgrounds with counselling skills and theoretical foundation, for use in their professional roles. The second trains students to become professional counsellors in a supportive learning environment with a focus on skills development and interactivity. The course covers a range of individual and group counselling models taught within research-informed, evidence-based and ethical frameworks.

For more information, contact the program/course convener Christine Moulet

For information on requirements relating to registration of health professionals in Australia or recognition of prior qualification from an overseas institution please use go to the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia website.

In addition to independent research works, the counselling team at University of Canberra is conducting research on:

  • educational aspects of counsellor development;
  • reflective practice; and
  • clinical supervision.

Select from our staff below for their biographies, qualifications, publications, grants and awards.

Academic Staff


thedesk is a free online program supported by beyondblue (the national depression initiative).

It provides tertiary students with strategies and skills to cope with problems they may encounter, and promotes skills for academic success and wellbeing.

visit the desk websitethedesk offers students tools:

  • to help with problem-solving
  • to challenge unhelpful or negative thoughts
  • to assist with relaxation and
  • to check their progress through quizzes in a range of areas

There is a range of learning modules including:

  • "Getting things done";
  • "Staying calm";
  • "Staying connected"; and
  • "Feeling good"

In addition, the program has an online Coffee House for social networking. This moderated forum helps students connect with each other and their institution, encourages discussion about current issues, and enables students to share their artwork, music, and recommendations about great places to eat around campus.