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Dr Steve Shann

Dr Steve ShannPosition

Assistant Professor

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Tel: +61 2 6201 5697


Steve has been a school teacher for 30 years (mainly secondary English, but also primary) and a trained psychotherapist for 10. He has been at the University of Canberra since 2010, where he has taught Literacy for Teachers, CPP2 (classroom management) and Literacy Across Disciplines. He has been closely connected to the Grad Dip program, and has worked closely with those preparing to teach secondary English.

His research interest is in the way story (the mythopoetic) works as both a way of understanding the world (mythopoetics as method) and a way of communicating scholarly insight (mythopoetics as form).

His writing to date has included:

  • a book about the imaginative worlds of students (Shann, 1987),
  • a book about the out-of-school, largely-invisible lives of 10 college students (Shann, 1992)
  • two articles about the imaginative lives of adolescents (Shann 1995, 1998),
  • a PhD thesis on the nature and function of stories in psychotherapy (Shann, 2000)
  • published articles about mythopoetics ( 2011; Shann, Bauer, Cunneen, & Troy, 2011; Shann & Cunneen, 2011),
  • an ‘ethnographic fiction’, and an article on ‘Mythopoetics and scholarship’ presently under review,
  • delivering the opening talk at the conference on Storytelling in Prague in May, 2013,
  • a successful book contract with Sense Publishers. The book is to be completed by 2014. Provisional title is Imagined worlds and classroom realities.

Research interests

  • Narrative inquiry
  • Mythopoetics
  • English teaching

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