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Professor Jim Hone

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Tel: +61 2 6201 2979


My qualifications are a Bachelor of Rural Science from UNE, a Master of Science from the University of Sydney and a PhD from the ANU. I teach ecology and wildlife management with second and third year students and scientific method with first year students. I supervise postgraduate students in ecology and wildlife management.

My research interests are wildlife population dynamics and management. My research theme is the formulation and evaluation of ecological hypotheses. This has involved studying feral pigs in temperate, tropical and semi-arid Australian environments and has included studies of other vertebrates from Scotland (red deer, Soay sheep, barn owls), England (badgers and bovine tuberculosis), Canada (lynx and snowshoe hares), USA (feral pigs), New Zealand (brushtail possums and bovine tuberculosis) to Australia (common myna, bird communities, rabbit, red fox, house mouse). The research has been done cooperatively with scientists from those countries.

I co-organised a two day discuss1on meeting on population growth rates at the Royal Society of London in 2002, and a Fenner conference at the Australian Academy of Science for the Australasian Wildlife Management Society in 2007.

Research interests

  • Wildlife ecology
  • Wildlife management