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Dr Jenny Chesters

Dr Jenny ChestersPosition

Research Fellow

Contact details

Tel: +61 2 6201 5174


Dr Jenny Chesters completed her PhD in 2009 and is currently employed as a Research Fellow. Previously she worked on various projects at the Research School of Economics at the Australian National University and at the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland.

She has extensive experience conducting analyses of survey data, both cross-sectional and longitudinal, and has published in both national and international peer-reviewed journals.

Jenny is an active member of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), the International Sociological Association and the American Sociological Association.

Jenny is the unit convener for 9087 Educational Research Perspectives offered as part of the Masters of Education Program.

Research interests

  • Persistence in inequality in educational attainment
  • Transitions from education to employment
  • Pathways into higher education

Dr Lucinda Aberdeen, LaTrobe University, Shepparton: Successful transitions from education to employment: a focus on Shepparton. Funded by LaTrobe University 2015


Chesters, J. and Baffour, B. (forthcoming) 'School-to-Work Transitions Before, During and After the Global Financial Crisis in Australia' Australian Journal of Labour Economics accepted 20/04/2015. Originally presented at the International Sociological Association World Congress, Yokohama, Japan, 13-19 July.

Chesters, J. and Daly, A. (2015) 'The Determinants of Academic Achievement among Primary School Students: a Case Study of the Australian Capital Territory',  Australian Journal of Labour Economics 18(1):129-142

Chesters, J. (2015) 'Within-generation social mobility in Australia: The effect of returning to education on occupational status and earnings' Journal of Sociology, 51(2): 385-400. Originally presented at the RC28 International Sociological Association New Horizons in Research on Stratification, Mobility and Inequality Conference, 16-20 July 2013, Brisbane

Chesters, J. and Smith, J. (2015) 'Social capital and aspirations for educational attainment: A cross-national comparison between Australia and Germany' Journal of Youth Studies On-line DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2014.1001831

Chesters, J. (2015) 'Maintaining inequality despite expansion: Evidence of the link between parents' education and qualitative differences in educational attainment' Higher Education Quarterly 69(2): 138-157. DOI: 10.1111/hequ.12060

Chesters, J. (2014) 'Learning to adapt: Does returning to education improve labour market outcomes' International Journal of Lifelong Education 33(6): 755-769. DOI:

Marsh, D. Lewis, C. and Chesters, J. (2014) 'The Political Power of Big Business: The Big Miners and the Mining Tax' Australian Journal of Political Science. 49(4): 711-725.DOI:

Chesters, J. and Watson, L. (2013) 'Understanding the persistence of inequality in higher education: evidence from Australia' Journal of Education Policy 28(2): 198-215.

Chapters in Edited Books:

Chesters, J. and Haynes, M. (Forthcoming) 'Reproducing social inequality within comprehensive school systems: The case of Australia', in Differentiation in Secondary Education and its Short- and Longer-Term Effects on Inequality of Educational Opportunities. H.-P. Blossfeld, S. Buchholz, N. Kulic, J. Skopek, and M. Triventi (eds). Edward Elgar.

Chesters, J. (forthcoming) 'The rise of China and India and the formation of a transnational capitalist class in the Asia/Oceania region' in Global Capitalism in Asia and Oceania. Jeb Sprague (ed.) Routledge. Originally presented at the Global Capitalism in Asia and Oceania Conference, 26-28 June 2013, Brisbane, Qld

Chesters, J. (2014) 'The Education Revolution' pp.141-157 in The Gillard Governments: Australian Commonwealth Administration 2010-2013. Chris Aulich (ed). Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.

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Chesters, J. (2014) 'The Effect of Neoliberalism on the Distribution of Wealth in the World Economy' in Structures of the World Political Economy and the Future Global Conflict and Cooperation. C. Suter and C. Chase-Dunn (eds.) Zurich: World Society Foundation. Originally presented at the PEWS-WSF Conference 12-13 April 2013, University of California-Riverside

Kalil, A., Haskins, R. and Chesters, J. (2012) 'Introduction' in A. Kalil, R. Haskins and J. Chesters (eds) Investing in Children: Work, Education and Social Policy in Two Rich Countries Washington: Brookings Institution Press.