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Associate Professor Affrica Taylor

Associate Professor Affrica TaylorPosition

Associate Professor (Geographies of Education and Childhood)

Contact details

Tel: +61 (02) 62012290


Affrica has a PhD in cultural geography and has learnt and taught for many years in remote and urban Australian Aboriginal communities. Her scholarship is marked by a keen interest in the interdependent relations between people, places and nonhuman life forms. Her current research is geared towards designing pedagogies that respond to the ecological challenges of human-induced climate change and rapid species extinctions. A commitment to intergenerational and multispecies justice underpins her inquiries into the ethical, political and pedagogical implications of entangled and heterogeneous real-world relations.

As an interdisciplinary scholar, Affrica draws upon the new material feminisms, more-than-human geographies, ecological humanities, non-western world-views and decolonising strategies to offer alternatives to the human-centric, individualistic and neo-liberalist paradigms that dominate mainstream education. She uses a combination of ethnographic and reconstructive methods to investigate and promote collective and relational forms of teaching and learning with others, and more sustainable and liveable worlds.

Affrica is a member of a well-published international research consortium that investigates young children’s postcolonial and ecological relations in Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. In her 2013 book, Reconfiguring the Natures of Childhood, she uses reconstructive feminist methods to explore the pedagogical affordances of children’s real-life ‘common world’ relations, including Aboriginal and settler Australian children’s relations with places and other animals.

Research interests

  • More-than-human geographies of childhood
  • Place-attuned and relational pedagogies
  • Feminist ecological humanities