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Research Highlights

Funded Projects

Project Title

'So what do you do?: tracking creative graduate outcomes in Australia and the UK's Creative and Cultural Industries'

Project Lead(s)Professor Jen Webb (Lead CI); Associate Professor Scott Brook; Associate Professor Jonathan Corcoran; Dr Roberta Comunian; Professor Alessandra Faggian; Professor Philip Lewis
Project SummaryThis project plans to analyse national graduate employment in Australia's creative and cultural industries, and compare the utility of 'creative' and 'cultural' models for tracking employment outcomes. Although the image of work in the creative and cultural industries is attractive to students and course planners alike, international evidence suggests graduates face very poor employment prospects. The project plans to use a proven model for mapping creative graduates to compare the value of creative degrees for the creative workforce in two nations, Australia and the United Kingdom; and to use sophisticated quantitative analysis of national datasets and interviews to produce a comprehensive study of creative graduate work.
Grant TotalAustralian Research Council Discovery Project 2016–2018
Administering OrganisationUniversity of Canberra
Project Title

Utilitarian Filmmaking in Australia 1945–1980

Project Lead(s)Professor Ross Gibson; Associate Professor Michael Broderick; Associate Professor Deane Williams; Professor Joseph Masco 
Project SummaryThe project plans to discover, document, analyse and compile a lasting archive of utilitarian filmmaking in Australia. 'Utilitarian' describes client-sponsored, instructional and governmental filmmaking existing outside the conventional theatrical contexts by which cinema is usually defined. Focused on the post-World War Two decades before the proliferation of video in the late 1970s, the project aims to highlight previously-unstudied aspects of the media industries. This is designed to deliver new knowledge of the skills and subject matter that sustained filmmaking, communication and education in Australia during a time when conventional scholarship assumes there was almost no significant filmmaking.
Grant TotalAustralian Research Council Discovery Project 2016–2018
Administering OrganisationUniversity of Canberra
Project Title

Working the field: Creative graduates in Australia and China

Project Lead(s)Prof Jen Webb & Assoc Prof Scott Brook, University of Canberra, Prof Justin O'Connor, Monash University (Lead Institution) and Prof Shilian Shan, Shanghai Jiaotong University.
Project SummaryThe research seeks to understand how graduates of creative arts programs in Australia and China build creative vocations. It investigates the motivations for and rewards of unpaid cultural work across three areas of graduate work (visual arts, creative writing and performance) in two United Nations-recognised Creative Cities: Melbourne and Shanghai. Such research is of high significance for curriculum developers, as studies show that employment outcomes for creative arts graduates remain very poor, despite a growing cultural economy. The project is expected to lead to a theoretically innovative, evidence-based and globally transferable account of the practical economy of arts work, one that can assist creative arts programs to better prepare students.
Grant TotalAustralian Research Council Discovery Project (DP150101477) 2015–2017
Administering OrganisationMonash University
Project Title

New Beats: A study of Australian journalists who became redundant during or since 2012

Project Lead(s) Associate Professor Lawrie Zion, La Trobe University; Professor Matthew Ricketson, University of Canberra, Dr Penny O'Donnell, University of Sydney; ProfessorTim Marjoribanks, La Trobe University; Associate Professor Andrew Dodd, Swinburne University of Technology; Professor Mark Deuze, University of Amsterdam.
Project Summary This four-year project is being conducted by a team of researchers at five universities. It is investigating what happens next to the more than 1,500 journalists who became redundant in Australia during or since 2012. For this study we are undertaking a mix of surveys and interviews and will produce several radio documentaries. To launch the project, we conducted a pilot survey of nearly 100 journalists who took a redundancy package in 2012. 
Grant Total Australian Research Council Linkage Project 2014–2016, $270,756
Administering Organisation La Trobe University
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Project TitleMediating Mental Health: An Integrated Approach to Investigating Media and Social Actors
Project Lead(s)Dr Kate Holland (Chief Investigator)
Project SummaryThe 'Mediating Mental Health: An Integrated Approach to Investigating Media and Social Actors' (2014-2016) project is investigating the role media play in shaping public understandings and responses to mental health issues. It is examining how understandings of mental health issues that circulate in news and social media are taken up or resisted by different audiences and how they are produced by journalists and sources, including advocacy organisations, mental health professionals and researchers. 
Grant TotalDiscovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Australian Research Council (DE140100100 2014–2016)
Administering OrganisationUniversity of Canberra
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Project Title Shrinking the Food-Print by Creating Consumer Demand for Sustainable and Healthy Eating
Project Lead(s) A/Prof David Pearson with colleagues from the Australian National University and Deakin University
Project Summary The negative impacts from food choices made by many Australians are posing challenges to individual wellbeing and in maintaining a viable natural world. Drawing on innovative public health and consumer research this project will identify opportunities for encouraging consumers to move towards more environmentally sustainable and healthy diets.
Grant Total $307,000.00 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant
Administering Organisation Australian National University (ANU)
Project Title Giving and Receiving Written Feedback in HDR Supervision: Enhancing Supervisors' and Candidates' Skills in a Cross-Cultural Context
Project Lead(s) Dr Elke Stracke with Dr Joelle Vandermensbrugghe (UC Graduate Research Office) and Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto (Macquarie University Learning and Teaching Centre)
Project Summary The project will improve sustainability in feedback practice. It aims at increasing supervisors' and candidates' skills in a cross-cultural context when giving and receiving written feedback, thus leading to supervisors' and students' better understanding of how to close the gap between current achievement and expected goals. By adding research-based new materials to existing materials this project offers an innovative perspective at the interface of Applied Linguistics and Higher Education research. The new materials will build on linguistic knowledge and focus on the language-specific, pragmatic aspects of 'giving and receiving feedback' by integrating new insights from research into this important aspect of supervisory practice. The focus will be on written feedback.
Grant Total $28,700.00 Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)
Administering Organisation University of Canberra (UC)
Project Title Healthy Eating Habits in High Schools: A Pilot Study at UC High School Kaleen (Oct 14 - Oct 15)
Project Lead(s)

Dr Bethaney Turner

Project Summary  Funded by Health Promotion Innovation Fund, this project aims to improve healthy eating habits through a whole of community approach promoting high school and family centred interventions designed to increase access to, and intake of, locally grown, low-cost, nutritious fruit and vegetables to achieve the targets outlined in the "Towards Zero Growth: Healthy Weight Action Plan". This will be achieved by trialling a farm to fork initiative, centred on the development of food and nutrition knowledge and skills, in UC Kaleen High School.
Grant Total $14,000
Administering Organisation University of Canberra (UC)