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Both tours will begin at the conference venue (Roy Ground's Shine Dome). We will organise transport to and from the parliamentary triangle for those who are participating in Tour 2. Both tours will be conducted by Patrick Stein, a local practitioner who graduated from the University of Canberra architecture program. He also teaches in history and theory in the Masters of Architecture course.

Registration is essential to help with transport logistics. To register for either or both tours, please email John Ting at and let me know which tour you would like to register for. Payment will be in cash on the day, and official receipts will be emailed out to you after the conference.

Registrations for the tours will close on Friday, 23 June 2017

Morning 'Canberra modern' bus tour
9:45am to 12.30pm (approx. 3.5hrs), Wednesday, 5 July
Cost: $30

The tour will cover the following buildings:

  • Giralang School 1974-76 (Enrico Taglietti)
  • Cameron Offices 1968-76 (John Andrews)
  • Northbourne Housing 1959-62 (Sydney Ancher) (external only)
  • Churchill House 1969-71 (Robin Boyd)

Sydney Ancher's Northbourne housing is about to be demolished and Cameron Offices is one of only 9 Australian buildings on the UIA World Register of Significant Architecture. The tour will go through some of Canberra's significant landscapes between stops, and many other landmarks will be visible from the bus.

Afternoon 'Civic architecture' walking tour
1.15-4.30pm (approx. 3hrs),Wednesday, 5 July
Cost: $10 (for transport to and from the parliamentary triangle)

  • Parliament House 1980-88 (Romaldo Giurgola)
  • National Gallery 1968-82 (Edwards Madigan Torzillo and Briggs)
  • High Court 1972-80 (Edwards Madigan Torzillo and Briggs)
  • National Portrait Gallery 2005-08 (Johnson Pilton Walker)

If we are running ahead of time, we may be able to walk through Commonwealth Place 2000-02 (Durbach Block and Sue Barnsley) and the NGA Sculpture Garden (Harry Howard).