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SAHANZ Front Matter

A - E

Alexander J, Morgan T - Quoting the Familiar

Amirjani R - An Analogical Quotation

Beynon D, Woodcock I - Interpretation Translation Quotation

Chatterjee A - Assembled

Clarke A - Australia's Big Dilemma

Cole G - Ideal Urban Space in Gainsborough's Charity Relieving Distress, 1784

Colman S - Quotation in Wittkower's Neo-Palladianism

Curry J, Fung S - Rudolph Schindler's Church School Lecture on Decoration (1916): A Preliminary Reading

Daly A - From Outside into Inside Out

Daunt L - Quoting Ian Ferrier (1928-2000)

De Jong U, Marcello F - Fitted for Sacred Use

De la Vega de Leon M - Revisiting Quotations

Dean P - Out of Context

F - L

Farrah S - Representation as Quotation

Garduno Freeman C, Leibowitz V - Architectural Footnotes

Goad P - Campus, Context and Community

Gosseye J - Elementary, My Dear Watson?

Gower R - Image Building

Gusheh M, Sane P - 'Form and Design' for India

Hampson A, Gardiner F - From the Acropolis to Kingaroy

Harper G - Jorn Utzon's Graphic Quotation

Hartoonian G - Kenneth Frampton: The Violence of Quotation

Hill M - How a Statue Can Shape a City

Holden S - 'To Be With Architecture Is  All We Ask'

Jadresin Milic R, McConchie G - Quoting Palladio

Jasper M - An Architectural-Urban Strategy

Keslacy E - Avant-Quotation

Kiely J - Poetic Structure and Popular Taste

Kohane P - Columns of Light

Lassen C - In Search of Invention

Lin F - Bracketing

Li M - Quotation, Architecture and Chinese Ancestor Worship

M - O

Macarthur J - The Semblance of Use

Malfona L - Sleeping Beauty

Margalit H - Duelling Quotes

Matthews L, Perrin G - The Hidden Territories of the Digital Line

McCarthy C - The Sincerest Form of Flattery

McDonald C - Mothercraft and Model Cities

Metcalf A - Alvar Aalto

Meyers B, Gatley J - Who Has Written What on the University of Auckland’s Clock-tower Building (1920-26)?

Miller-Yeaman R - Encoding and Transferring Transience in Housing

Milosz M - Comparative (Post) Colonialisms

Morgan L - After Pratolino

Mozaffari A Westbrook N - Death Mask

Muminovic M - Difference and Repetition

Murray A - The Mediterranean on the West Coast

Musgrave E - The Pleasures Functions of Architecture

Neustupny M - Tradition in Mid-Century Houses of Shinohara and Kikutake

O'Rouke T - The Goorawin Shelter

P - S

Paine A - Rethinking Replicas

Pert A, Goad P - 'Ernst Fooks - The House Talks Back'

Pieris A - Internment 'Homes' as Material Texts

Preston J - To the Editor of the Australian

Raisbeck P, Neish P - Digital Fragments and Historiographies

Raisbeck P, Phillips C - Robin Boyd and the Quotation

Richardson E - Negotiating Modernism

Sarvimaki M - Japanese Module Interpreted

Schnoor C - The Compromised Slab

Schrapel S, Sriver B - A Designed Incompleteness

Seglimann A, McMahon S - Positioning Pluralism in “New Waves” of Post-Modern Japanese Architecture

Smith B - From Drawings to Drawls

Smithey L - Philip Johnson's Crystal Cathedral

Soo L - Baroque Form Generation Practices

Stead N Simon K -The Architect Says

Steen A - The Spirit of Adhocism and Brilliant Selective Editing

T - Z

Tennakoon P - The Narrative of the Bungalow

Tippey B - Allusions and Illusions in Spanish Architecture, 1898-1953

Utomo N - Boyd and the Brut

Varghese A - Following the Folly

Volz K - Quotations in Architect's Sketchbook

Walker P Moulis A - Before Scarborough

Willink R - The Met Breuer

Wood P- New Canaan in New Zealand