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Stand Out with Our Writing Degree

  • Mentoring from world class, award winning, authors, screenwriters and poets
  • Work on projects under professional conditions to produce a marketable product
  • Analyse, deconstruct and understand different forms of writing
  • Opportunities to present your work in publications and writing competitions
  • Develop an engaging body of work to use in your future writing career
  • Australia's oldest and longest established tertiary creative writing program

The Bachelor of Writing focuses on writing as creative practice. Students have the opportunity to experiment with different forms of professional and creative writing for a variety of audiences and to develop fluency and skills across a number of genres.

You will learn the craft of writing from award-winning authors and academic a wide variety of subject areas including screenwriting, poetry, prose fiction, creative nonfiction, young adult and children's writing.

Under the keen eye of academic staff, you will work on projects that interest you and experiment with different forms and styles of writing.

The course also involves a sequence of literary studies units, focusing on ways of approaching and reading texts and on developing a sophisticated understanding of the role of writing in contemporary society.

In this way, theoretical and conceptual knowledge and practice are brought together in a cumulative and integrated fashion. As students learn to make high-level creative and professional works, they are also taught to critique and contextualise their own practice.

A choice of open electives offers students the chance to incorporate additional studies of their choice into their degree.

Your Creativity: Your Degree

Students are able to apply for admission into this degree by way of portfolios and brief interviews with our friendly team of academics.

Why Portfolio Entry?

Because your ATAR score is not always a true reflection of your creative potential. This pathway offers you the opportunity to show off your passion for Writing. School leavers will use this pathway to secure an offer in the Early Round of admissions. Mature Age Students will benefit from not worrying about their ATAR score (or equivalent) and focus on showcasing their personal talent and/or professional achievements in Writing.

What Should I Include in my Writing Portfolio?

The purpose of the portfolio is to help us determine whether you are passionate and knowledgeable about writing. You should aim to provide the following:

  1. Examples of your work in the form of 5-8 pieces (maximum 5,000 words) of your best and most recent writing. These can include:
    • Creative writing examples (e.g.short prose; poetry)
    • Film or Animation screenplays
    • Written components of Design or Multimedia work
    • Professional writing samples (e.g. excerpts from reports; assignments; journalism)
    • Writing published online, either commercially or self-published
  2. Your general statement required for portfolio entry should include:
    • A section on what your experience with writing has been to date, including any relevant experience with work or school or any other engagement with writing.
    • What writing means to you.

How do I Apply?

For application details and procedures, as well as information on upcoming Portfolio Workshops, please check our Arts and Design Portfolio Entry page. Or email your enquiry to

You can also watch the following video presentation with Erin Hinton, Lecturer in Design & Architecture.

Writing students participate in a sophisticated and vibrant program of practical and theoretical study, including guest lectures and seminars by world-class writers. Staff in the Writing Program are all active, published writers who bring up-to-date and real-world knowledge of writing, editing and publishing to their teaching.

Students also have the opportunity to contribute to FIRST, the University of Canberra’s annual anthology of creative works, either as creative writers or as members of the FIRST editorial committee. This enables students to increase their experience in and knowledge of hands-on editing and publishing.

Students are also able to take part in the University of Canberra’s Study Abroad and Exchange Program and may be eligible to spend a semester studying with one of our overseas exchange partners, including summer writing programs at Oxford University, giving their degree an international edge.

Career Options

Graduates from the University of Canberra are among the best paid and most employable in Australia.

The Bachelor of Writing teaches skills applicable to almost any job in the world involving writing. Students learn to write and speak more confidently and develop a sophisticated understanding of the nuances of communication in contemporary society.

Through their individual learning experiences and by working on collaborative projects, students develop a wide range of skills and competencies that are particularly suited to professional employment.

Graduates can go on to perform a variety of roles including:

  • Author
  • Copywriter
  • Corporate writer
  • Publisher
  • Editor
  • Freelance writer
  • Journalist
  • Playwright
  • Poet
  • Public relations consultant
  • Screenwriter
  • Scriptwriter
  • Media analyst
  • Film/television editor
  • Film/television producer
  • Production assistant
  • Online writer/producer
  • Technical writer
  • Web content manager
  • Policy writer