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Media Arts and Production

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Create the Media Around You

We live in a world that is saturated with media. From our pockets to the facades of buildings, interactive and mobile media are with us everywhere, all the time. These technologies don't just entertain us, they mould the way we communicate and understand the world we live in. Media Arts and Production is about making content for, and taking control of, these media forms by learning how and why they work.

The Bachelor of Media Arts and Production is a balanced, professionally oriented, program of practical production work integrated with analytical study. In this course we will develop and enhance your technical and conceptual skills in areas such as digital film and sound production, networked and interactive media, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation and engage with new forms of media production that are enabled by the latest emerging technologies.

The Bachelor of Media Arts and Production focuses on the latest production techniques and industry contexts, and encourages students to develop their skills through practical creative work. Units focus on real-world production and collaboration and the emerging area of cross-platform production, where film, documentary, broadcast, networked, social and mobile media are combined in creative products. Units bring in industry professionals to talk with students about their own experiences with the industry, while lecturers are themselves well established within their fields.

Double Degrees

The Bachelor of Media Arts and Production degree can be combined, to form four-year Double Degrees, with a Bachelor of Arts, International Studies, or Information Technology; these degrees offer excellent value and further broaden your career options.

Fast Track Option

Study during our Winter and/or Summer terms to complete this degree in just 2 years!

Email to obtain your own Fast Track Study Plan.

Choose Another Campus

The Bachelor of Media Arts and Production is also offered at TAFE Queensland Brisbane, Southbank campus (2nd year entry only, with 1 year approved credit).

Course Information

High performing students may be eligible to enrol in the Bachelor of Arts and Design (Honours).

Open Majors and/or Minors

The following Majors and/or Minors are open to all UC students:

Your Creativity: Your Degree

Students are able to apply for admission into this degree by way of portfolios and brief interviews with our friendly team of academics.

Why Portfolio Entry?

Because your ATAR score is not always a true reflection of your creative potential. This pathway offers you the opportunity to show off your passion for Media Arts and Production. School leavers will use this pathway to secure an offer in the Early Round of admissions. Mature Age Students will benefit from not worrying about their ATAR score (or equivalent) and focus on showcasing their personal talent and/or professional achievements in Media Production.

What Should I Include in my Media Production Portfolio?

The purpose of the portfolio is to help us determine whether you are passionate and knowledgeable in Media Arts and Production. You should aim to address the following:

Response to the following questions (200 words each)

  1. What are some personal attributes that you feel will assist you to succeed at university?
  2. Where do you see yourself professionally after you complete your undergraduate degree?
  3. Why do you want to attend the University of Canberra and study the Bachelor of Media Arts and Production?


Your portfolio should demonstrate your ability and experience in media production.  You'll be assessed on the quality and originality of your work and the creativity and critical thinking it demonstrates. Please include:

  1. Five to ten examples of your production work: Include both still image and moving image work. You may also include scripts, web / multimedia, audio, radio, music, or games. Include a brief rationale (up to 300 words) that introduces and explains your work.
  2. Critical thinking skills: Write a 750 word analysis of a film, tv series, animation, web site or game of your choice. Compare it with others in its genre. Analyse specific features of its production - image, sound, editing, production design, scriptwriting, storytelling - and their effectiveness.  Demonstrate your ability to analyse and interpret media works.


  • Include an up to date CV detailing your academic and work history.
  • Highlight your performance in relevant subjects at school.  Support your CV with any academic transcripts or certificates you have from other activities that support your intended studies at University of Canberra.


All applicants must attend an interview. Interview is an opportunity for you to present your portfolio and impress the assessor with your potential for learning and growing into a professional designer. You should be also prepared to answer questions that might include justifying examples of your work included in the portfolio.

How do I Apply?

For application details and procedures, as well as information on upcoming Portfolio Workshops, please check our Arts and Design Portfolio Entry page. Or email your enquiry to

You can also watch the following video presentation with Erin Hinton, Lecturer in Design & Architecture.

Hands-On Experience

During their studies students have the opportunity and are expected to make full use of our digital cinema work flow which includes full HD cameras and lenses, professional tripods and dollies, lighting equipment, location sound recording mixers microphones and booms, studio and set construction facilities, blue screen studio and compositing  software, professional editing and colour grading software.

Outside their studies we encourage students to use our equipment to make their own projects, enter competitions and take on professional projects through the student run Media Production Association.

The Bachelor of Media Arts and Production course structure allows students to take advantage of student exchange and work place learning opportunities, including oganised and guided visits to India and the Bollywood film industry.

UC Doc Lab

Through the UC DocLab, the discipline of Media Arts and Production at University of Canberra offers exciting opportunities for media students and researchers interested in Documentary and I-Doc Production.

Our courses in Documentary / i-Doc are designed to equip students with a critical understanding of advanced communication or cultural theories and research in the specific area of documentary and interactive documentary (i-Doc).

Researchers and students in UC DocLab undertake investigation, development and creative work on topics focused on documentary and i-Doc, covering the broad range of issues related to documentary as a representation of "the real", and as one of the freest, most daring forms of media creation.

Join us at

Career Options

We can list careers that are directly related to Media Arts and Production.

  • Video/film directors
  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
  • Sound Designer
  • Film and television producer
  • Electronic artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Motion Graphics animator
  • Broadcast designer
  • Multimedia designer/producer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Web developer
  • Content manager

We can also speculate about careers in Media production that are only just emerging in the areas of Data Visualisation and Cross Media Production.

Select from our staff below for their biographies, qualifications, publications, grants and awards.

Academic Staff