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Film Production

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What Film Shall We Make Today

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Now you can turn your love of films into a career through UC's new Bachelor of Film Production.

The Bachelor of Film Production explores the creative world of filmmaking. Accessing the University of Canberra's state of the art equipment and industry professional staff, you will be immersed in the culture and practice of film. Theory and practice combine to
show us where the best stories come from. Reading a screenplay from a film crew's point of view leads to writing your own screenplays and collaborating with peers. The emphasis in this three-year degree is on more than just pointing the lens in the right direction. Units focus on both the technical side of the film industry and the key creative roles of Screenwriter, Director and Producer.

You will learn all aspects of film including the sets, the shoot, directing actors, editing, sound design and effects as well as the creative processes of screenwriting.

Follow your passion by specialising in areas of film production that interest you, such as cinematography, sound design or editing.

On graduation you will have the skills, experience and knowledge necessary to develop and produce your own film projects, apply for funding from local and national peak bodies and contribute to the creative team on a film.

Course Information

Your Creativity: Your Degree

Students are able to apply for admission into this degree by way of portfolios and brief interviews with our friendly team of academics.

Why Portfolio Entry?

Simply put: because your ATAR score is not always a true reflection of your creative potential. This pathway offers you the opportunity to show off your passion and keen eye for Film Production. School leavers will use this pathway to secure an offer in the Early Round of admissions. Mature Age Students will benefit from not worrying about their ATAR score (or equivalent) and focus on showcasing their personal talent and/or professional achievements in this field.

What Should I Include in my Film Portfolio?

To apply for the Film Production degree via a Portfolio Entry option you will need to write a personal statement that tells us about you and about why you would like to do this degree. In your statement, you might like to consider mentioning the following:

  • Why you want to do this degree, why this one and not another one?
  • What your experiences have been so far with making or watching or writing about films. This can include subjects you have done at school, films or festivals you have seen, films that you are passionate about and why you're passionate about them, or films that you have already made. Any or all of these is fine to write about.

Remember that it doesn't matter if you have never made a film before. We can teach you how to do that, what we are interested in is WHY you would like to learn to make films in our degree. So just tells us about your passion and interest.

Finally, tell us about you, about where you live and grew up, about your family or your dog, or your great aunt Bessie that has influenced you. Tell us about something or someone in your life that has made a difference to you, who has helped you become the person you are.

We are interested in YOU.

How do I Apply?

For application details and procedures, as well as information on upcoming Portfolio Workshops, please check our Arts and Design Portfolio Entry page. Or email your enquiry to

You can also watch the following short video presentation with Erin Hinton, Lecturer in Design & Architecture.

As a Film Production student, you will be encouraged to make full use of the Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) filming equipment and facilities. Throughout your studies, you will have access to full HD cameras and lenses, professional tripods and dollies, lighting equipment, location sound recording mixers and microphones and booms, studio and set construction facilities, blue screen studio and compositing software, and professional editing and color grading software. 

You will also have the opportunity to use the equipment outside of your studies, to work on your own projects, enter competitions and take on professional projects through the student run Media Production Association.

Film Production graduates are work-ready and fully employable in a range of areas, including:

  • Screenwriter
  • Video/film director
  • Film and television producer
  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Cinematographer
  • Sound Designer
  • First Assistant Director
  • Editor

Select from the staff below for their biographies, qualifications, publications, grants and awards.

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