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Here, you will find a variety of undergraduate degrees in the areas of Built Environment, Creative and Cultural Practice and Communications.

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Personalised Course Advice for All Our Students

From the moment you accept your offer to study at the Faculty of Arts and Design, right through to your Graduation ceremony, our Student Liaison Officers are here to assist you. We have a dedicated team who will answer all your course related questions by email, phone or in person depending on what suits you.

The FAD Student Liaison Officers provide the following services:

  • General and specific course advice;
  • Customised study plans and outlines of remaining units;
  • Detailed explanation of course requirements including course structures, majors, minors and open electives;
  • Credit approvals on the basis of study abroad, cross-institutional studies, course transfers and previous tertiary qualifications;
  • Confirmation of course completion.

The FAD Student Liaison Office is conveniently located within the Student Centre, Building 1, Level B. Use the Q Flow system, select Faculty Course Advice and follow the prompts to collect a ticket.

Drop in times are as follows:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 9.30am-12.30pm
  • Wednesdays & Fridays: 10am-1pm

Alternatively, you can contact them directly at or (02) 6201 2570.

All Our Courses Can Take You Overseas

The Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) is dedicated to providing every student with an opportunity to internationalise their degree. All FAD degrees have the flexibility to allow overseas study to count towards their course requirements. Students can choose to study abroad for up to one year at any of our partner universities. Ideally, students will save their open electives (free choice subjects) for this purpose, however should your degree contain a limited amount or no electives, you will always be able to come to arrangement with your academic course convener.

Gabrielle Kneip FAD Student AIM Overseas

"Being an international student brings a different element to your learning and it is a lot of fun living in a foreign place. While it is intense study, there was still time to enjoy Maastricht, hang out with new friends and CES organised some fantastic trips to Brussels and Amsterdam. I highly recommend studying overseas. AIM Overseas makes this opportunity accessible and the CES team does an amazing job of making you feel welcome and comfortable upon arrival."  Gabrielle Kneipp, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Journalism student, on her trip to Maastricht University's Center for European Studies for the International Relations and Politics in the European Union Program.

In addition to Study Abroad & Exchange options, FAD students can apply for a range of exciting short term courses with AIM Overseas, as well as participate in a Faculty-Led Program relevant to their course area(s).

Complete a UC Degree in Queensland

We have recently expanded our TAFE Queensland degree offerings to other sunny locations.

You can now study a selection of our creative degrees in Nambour, Townsville, Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast.

For a comprehensive list of available programs as well as admission details and information, go to Campus Locations, Queensland Courses.

Stand Out With a FAD Major or Minor

At the University of Canberra, most single degrees and some double degrees will contain several open electives. These open electives are your opportunity to focus on another area of study. You can choose to use open electives towards any open (ie. not restricted to a degree) major or minor offered at UC.  

The Faculty of Arts and Design offers a wide range of  elective majors and minors open to all UC students:



Architecture History and Theory

Communication Studies


Construction Administration

Content Marketing Strategy

Creative Games Design

Creative Writing

Cultural Heritage Practice

Design Communications

Design Environments

Design Strategies

Design (Studio)

Digital Design and Production

English Language and Literature

English (Secondary Teaching)

Graphic Design Studio

Heritage Studies

Indigenous Studies

Industrial Design

Intercultural Communication

Interior Architecture

International Studies


Landscape Architecture

Language Studies

Literary Studies

Media and Public Affairs

Media Arts


Museum Studies

Professional Communication

Public Relations

Social and Digital Campaigning


Web Design and Production

Architecture History

Communication Studies

Conservation Science

Creative Writing

Cultural Heritage

Digital Design and Production

English Language and Literature

Human Rights and Social Justice

Indigenous Studies

Industrial Design

Interior Architecture

International Studies Professional Skills


Landscape Studies

Literary Studies

Media and Public Affairs

Media Arts


Public Relations


Web Design and Production

Language Majors or Minors

If you wish to study a language as part of your degree, you will need to choose a language program from another university and apply for cross-institutional study:

Not Quite Ready for University?

In addition to Portfolio Entry, the Faculty of Arts and Design offers alternate pathways into a range of degrees, for students who would like a little extra support in their first year of study. The following Diplomas provide entry into related Arts and Design Bachelor degrees, with up to 24 credit points of advanced standing (credit). 

These courses are delivered through University of Canberra College: