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Training Tips

Team UCAN training

The capabilities of the human body are quite amazing, but as with anything, the more time you take in preparing it for the events the better equipped you will be when participating. Below are some training programs and tips to assist you in preparation for your next event.

Running program


Start each session with a five minute walk. When you are able to run for 30 minutes you can increase the distance.

Week Run Walk Repeat Times / week
1 2 min 3 min 6 times 3
2 3 min 3 min 5 times 3
3 5 min 2 min 4 times 3
4 7 min 3 min 3 times 3
5 8 min 2 min 3 times 3
6 9 min 1 min 3 times 3
7 30 min 3


If you can run at least 4km at a steady pace and are looking for a challenge, follow the below:

Pace guide:

Easy = faster than a walk

Moderate = 50-60% of effort

Fast = 80% + effort

Week Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Total
1 6km easy 30 min walk 6 km mod 12km + walk
2 6km easy 6km easy 8km mod 20km
3 6km easy 6km fast 10km mod 22km
4 km easy 6km uphill + downhill 10km easy 24km
5 6km easy 6km easy Race Day

Running tips tricks


1. Land mid-foot - most runners have a heal strike, this places the foot out in front of the runner. Try to land your foot under your body, a mid-foot strike.

2. Hand control – at your waist, a 900 angle in a relaxed position.

3. Posture - look ahead, chin up and shoulders back. Don’t slump throughout your run.

4. Relax – feel relaxed through the shoulders, once fatigued people tend to pull their shoulders up, doing this uses the same muscles that help you breathe!

5. No bouncing– keep your stride low to the ground to avoid wasting energy with upward movements.

Upbeat music

Studies show that up-tempo music makes you run faster which can interfere with your race pace. Instead, compile a playlist of upbeat, but NOT heavy beat, music that won’t interfere with your foot strike.

Examples include:

  • Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
  • MGMT – Electric Feel
  • Mylo – In my arms

Set goals

Such as “I want to run the whole 10km in 6 weeks time” or “I want to beat last year’s finishing time”. This keeps you motivated throughout your training and during the event.


Before the race eat what you would normally eat before training. Don’t change things on race day!