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An Insider's Guide To: Stress Less Week

It’s almost week thirteen, and that means a few things: it’s almost summer holidays (!), the weather outside is delicious, it’s assessment/exam period and you’re in a constant puddle of stress.

While I can’t magically click my fingers and make the holidays come any sooner, what I can do is help you out with your assignment stress by helping you to ... stress less (see what I did there?).

Stress Less Week activities

Stress Less Week is an institution here at UC and is usually one of the best times to be on campus all semester – for the fun stuff not because of the loads of studying you need to do.

UC Life kill it every semester with the range of activities on offer, in previous years they’ve covered the campus in bubble wrap, given out free Redbull and Boost Juices, and had a range of inflatables to climb on.

This year is no different: we’ve got a mechanical bull on Monday, DodgeBall and Therapy Dogs on Wednesday and free food on Thursday.

These activities are all about giving you a break from studying to have some fun and I really recommend it. Taking a ten minute break from the library to get some fresh air and pat some dogs does wonders for your stress levels.

students with a dog

Hot tips for studying

If the fun stuff isn’t going to cut it, and you are on the verge of a stress induced break down here are a few things that I seriously rate:

  • Junk food – When it comes to weeks 13-15 no one is going to judge you for however much caffeine and sugar you consume, we’ve all been there and it helps. And if you haven’t written an essay on a weird chocolate/coffee high, have you really been a stressed student?
  • Study Buddies – I can’t stress how reassuring it is to study with someone else who is also panic essay writing. That little reminder that you are in no way the only student whose left things to the last minute does wonders
  • The Library – if studying with someone isn’t your cup of tea, independently studying in area where everyone is studying might help. It helps with distractions – it always feels a little dodgy when everyone else is studying around you and you’re re-watching community for the millionth time. The library has extended their opening hours to 10:30 for floors C and D during this period.

Current student studying

For that little extra help

Are you struggling to the point where those tips aren’t going to cut it? Here’s my more serious tips:

  • UC Medical and Counselling – Speaking to someone about your stress is seriously underrated, it’s cathartic and can help you overcome any mental blocks you’ve got. If you aren’t into speaking to people about your problems they’ve also got an entire page online dedicated to the best ways to deal with uni stress.
  • ReachOut Australia – This one is online again, it’s got more tips and tricks plus there’s a forum section. This section sounds lame but if you can’t speak to someone in person about your stress, anonymously posting it to the online void can be just as effective, and given the number of posts in the section ‘something’s not right’ you’d hardly be the first person to do it

My final piece of advice for stress less week? Enjoy the fun stuff, look after yourself physically and mentally and try to remember that while uni is important, it isn’t the be all and end all of anything.

Words by third year Arts student Jess Longmuir